Budgeting TGIT

TGIT has failed in recent times to consistently cover operation costs. Photo by Anthony Garnier.

In light of the administration’s shifting policies and penalties concerning alcohol-related incidents, some students were concerned when their IDs were scanned for unclear purposes upon entering TGIT two weeks ago.

Some worried that the beloved Thursday night tradition, which is put on by Student Programming, may be jeopardized due to the event’s low attendance and alcohol sales.

Mike Woodrum, a senior philosophy and economics major and treasurer of the University of Dallas’ Student Government (SG), explained that the data was gathered for the purpose of tracking attendance numbers.

“[We needed to] see a time sequence of when people are showing up, who is showing up when, and peaks in traffic,” Woodrum said. “That way we have concrete data to go off of instead of just eyeballing the room. And then, hopefully, we can adjust the programming so that we can reach out to crowds who might enjoy a future TGIT.”

The budget is set for this year, and there is no intention of cutting back on TGIT for the time being.

“TGIT is not there to make money,” Woodrum said. “It’s there to put on a show.”

TGIT does not make money for the school. In fact, only Aramark benefits, as TGIT provides them a free venue in which to sell beer.

“The only revenue that we take in [from TGIT] doesn’t come to us,” Woodrum said. “It goes to Aramark, for beer sales. Which is actually a good deal for us, because then they don’t charge us anything.”

One particularly exemplary TGIT, according to Woodrum, was the Game Night TGIT held on on Sept. 23.

“That was fantastic, because it brought in people starting right at 9 p.m.,” Woodrum said. “The Rat was packed … [the goal is] to do programming like that so we can get an even flow throughout the night.”

With reference to speculations regarding whether there may be a large enough budget to put on TGIT every week, Woodrum explained:

“At the beginning of the year, we were looking at the budget,” Woodrum said. “We didn’t know how much money we would have for TGIT. For maybe half a day we thought we might have to cut back to two times a month, but we solved that monetary problem. We actually have more in the budget this year than last year.”

This budget information is in fact available to all students on Crusader Connect.

“We’ll have a Charters and Appropriations Committee in November making recommendations for next year’s budget, but that is just for the lump sum that Student Government will get, so next year’s executive council will set the budget for TGIT,” Woodrum said.

This means that the question of budget will return again next year; however, Woodrum said he doesn’t anticipate many cuts to TGIT.

“We worked our hardest to expand [the budget] this year, and I hope that it will continue to expand,” Woodrum said.

Elizabeth McGavran is this year’s TGIT Coordinator. Woodrum said she intends to continue to improve TGIT and draw in new audiences.


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