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I have a Skype interview coming up for a job I REALLY want. I could really see myself working there for the rest of my life. But I’m scared UD Air will drop the call and I won’t get the job. Do I bribe the IT department? Do I just go to Starbucks?
Wi-Fi Woes

Dear WW,
Never fear: the Office of Personal and Career Development is here! Rhyming promotions aside, the OPCD in downstairs Augustine can help you with this. They can offer you both privacy and a more stable Wi-Fi connection whenever your interview is scheduled. Contact Julie Janik at jjanik@udallas.edu or 972-721-4127 so that she can provide you with details and advice for how to have your best Skype interview, in addition to providing a good environment for it.

My roommate seems to be a little weird. I think she looks at me while I’m sleeping, and I’m not quite sure how to address it … Please help me!

Dear HM,
I get the all-caps signature: that’s a really uncomfortable position to be in!
Try catching her while you are “sleeping.” If she is looking at you, ask if there’s something on her mind. It could be that there’s something bothering her and she’s seeing if you’re up to talk with her. This non-confrontational move can allow you to express concern for her well-being while showing that you’re aware of her behavior. If there isn’t an issue but she continues watching you sleep, you can speak with your Resident Assistant about a potential roommate change.

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