Featured Alumnus: Joe Constantino (’95)


Joe Costantino holds a B.S. in physics from the University of Dallas and is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society. In 1999, just as the Internet was coming into its own, he founded Einstein’s Eyes, an internet marketing solutions firm for small to medium-sized businesses. The former software engineer for Raytheon became an active advocate for small business, and in 2014, served as the chairman of the board of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.

Q: You founded and own the Dallas-based web design and development firm, Einstein’s Eyes. What inspired the great name? Does it have anything to do with your time as a physics major at UD?

JC: Yes, me and one of my first partners were both physics majors. Additionally, Einstein was just named the [Person] of the Century by Time magazine. So it was too hard to resist.

Q: How did you first get involved with web design, development and programming? How has your liberal arts and science education from UD complemented those skills in your career and in starting a business?

JC: I got into software pretty quickly after leaving UD. The market was really hot for software, and they were pulling in all the science majors. With a background in critical thinking and experimental science, it was an ideal choice to be able to work through an industry that was not really developed yet. A lot of the technology required thorough vetting.

Q: What advice would you give to current UD students interested in a career in your industry?

JC: Use the technologies. It is like an instrument or a language; the more you use these types of technologies the better you will get at it.

Q: Your firm also focuses on online marketing. With the increased demand for high-quality online content marketing, do you see a need in the industry for more of the kind of well-written graduates that UD produces?

JC: Content is still king. It is an important part of the web world. But there is a lot of marketing that has to go with it. Most marketing is not really the long-form developed writing we associate with university studies. It is different, but still very doable.


Students, are you interested in speaking with alumnus Joe Costantino or learning more about career in web design and development? Contact UD Alumni Relations at udalum@udallas.edu.



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