Humans of UD: Patrick Friddle


Name: Patrick Friddle

Major: English

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: Rockville, Md.


BS: How is the freshman class? Has there been a moment when you finally felt like you could call the University of Dallas home?

PF: My freshman class is great. I’ve been mostly around the guys, and they’re a great group of guys. They don’t live a double life, but they blend all the parts of their life. A lot of them are very academically inclined, and also athletically, and even spiritually and socially too.

You know that we’ve settled in now that the smell in the dorms has gone up. Everyone is still trying to figure out their extra-curriculars, but everyone has their daily schedules down. At this point, it’s just people deciding to do frisbee or drama or whatnot. The first week when I arrived, I was super scared…I called my mom, and told her when I had just arrived, and when I had just unpacked my bags. I was very nervous and I wasn’t settled for at least a couple of days. And I think I knew that I had arrived and settled when the first Friday, we were sitting out on the Mall, and people were dancing and having a good time. I knew then that I was settled in and it felt like home. Now I only call my parents to update them on how my life’s going.


BS: What’s your favorite class?

PF: Philosophy and the Ethical Life. My teacher, Dr. [William] Frank, just makes it the best class and very interesting, very fun.


BS: What’s your family like?

PF: My mom is from Ireland. She was born and raised there in Tipperary. She came over as an illegal immigrant and lived here for a few years. We have a joke that she married my dad only to get a visa. She came over when she was 18, and she met my dad here in America. She has an accent, but I can’t tell, because I only know her voice. We drink a lot of tea in my house, nonstop. My mom has eight or nine cups a day. She says our American tea is like the dust scraped off the wall of an Irish tea room, because it’s so light.


BS: Do you have any interesting stories from back home?

PF: I was vice president for my school. I had a funny campaign. I was going up against one of the most popular guys at the school, and I was just an average Joe. Everyone had been telling me, you’re going to lose to this guy, but I did not want to. We had a week to campaign, and he had been buying people doughnuts. He would only give people a doughnut if you voted for him. So I had one cool idea. I made a long poster that went all the way down the stairwell. It read “Fo-shizzle my nizzle, vote P-Frizzle,” but then 20 minutes after I put it up, a teacher ripped it down because he thought it was not befitting our school. So then I had no campaign and it was the day before the elections. I had this crazy idea to go big or go home. It was clear my opponent was going to win if I didn’t do anything. I made a big sign that covered the entire front of the school, that said “Vote Friddle, 2 hour lunch.” The night before the elections, my brother and I scaled the three-story school. It was raining, and it was a cold rain, not a luscious rain. It was cold and dark. We scaled the wall with a bedsheet, string and a bottle of spray paint. We stayed up there til 3 a.m. setting it up! It covered the front entrance of the school. The next morning, my headmaster was standing outside of the school in front of the sign. And he told me, I think you secured your spot, but you’re going to have to take it down. But I did win! By a crazy number! It’s not so much that people agreed with my two-hour lunch, but they wanted me because they saw I could get stuff done.


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