Student senate elections pave way for new SG goals

Students covered the Mall in campaign slogans written in sidewalk chalk in order to advertise their candidacy for Student Senate. Photo by Paulina Martin.

There has been a lot of buzz about the presidential elections this year, but last Thursday and Friday University of Dallas students took to the polls for a different reason: student senate elections.

A total of 29 senators were elected (see full list below).

These include one senator elected per dorm with the exception of Clark Hall, which elects one senator per floor, and one senator elected to represent Holy Trinity Seminary, commuters and the student apartments, respectively.

Additionally, four senators were elected to represent each class.

Thanks to the Core, students know that Plato believes a just leader wishes to do what is to the advantage of his subjects.

While no promises can be made about the current presidential candidates in this area, students can rest assured that the new student senators are motivated to serve.

Freshman Senator Ella Sullivan explained that her draw to Student Government stemmed from positive experiences in high school:

“I was Student Body President at my high school … I loved being there for my fellow students in any way they needed,” Sullivan said.

Veteran Senator junior Michael Fazi expressed similar sentiments, pointing out the large influence Student Government has on administration as a primary motivation in his decision to run.

Fazi cited the administration’s decision to include Holy Thursday as part of Easter break this year as an example of the administration and Student Government cooperating.

One way in which senior Senator Ben Bravo wishes to increase the cohesiveness between the student body, Student Government and administration is through Town Hall Meetings, especially regarding security in and around the Church of the Incarnation. He is also particularly excited about representing the interests of the Dominican sisters on campus.

“I’d like to represent the effort to keep [the sisters] around and introduce them to the student body,” Bravo said.

Fazi expressed similar interest in employing Town Hall meetings as a forum for students to voice concerns.

“I am most excited about … helping to reach out to students,” Fazi said.

However, Fazi is also looking forward to more light-hearted activities, like passing out ice cream on Sundays.

One thing all three senators stressed was their desire to communicate with the student population.

“I want the student body to know your senators and Student Government are here to serve you,” Sullivan said.

“We are your voice!” Bravo said. “It’s our job to work to find constructive solutions, not just grouse about our problems.”

What, then, are the solutions the Executive Council are most interested in providing?

Firstly, as outlined in a joint statement, the Executive Council agreed that enhancing campus security is paramount, as is addressing concerns with the Office of Student Affairs.

Additionally, Executive Council aims to increase the efficiency of the Post Office and update Student Government’s constitution.

Integral to the success of these endeavors is the symbolic unification of Student Programming at UD (SPUD) and the Senate.

In presenting a united front, Student Government aims to

enhance both the the programming and policy-making sides of Student Government.

For example, the Executive Council suggested that a possible manifestation of this newfound closeness between SPUD and Student Government might lie in SPUD publicity taking on matters of Senate publicity.

As the self-proclaimed toolbox of the Senate, the Executive Council is excited to get to work with the new senators.

With the anticipated enthusiastic cooperation of the senators and SPUD, it promises to be a productive year in Student Government.

Perhaps with all three branches of government functioning in tandem, they can teach our nation’s politicians a thing or two.

Congratulations to this year’s elected student senators:

Freshman Class: Ella Sullivan, Rose Dougherty, Thomas Mosmeyer, Alejandra Martinez

Sophomore Class: Beatrice Diaz, Alison Pettyjohn, Deana Ramirez, Elisa Ron

Junior Class: Abby Knapp, Mary Glen, Michael Fazi, Tori Fleharty

Senior Class: Joey Kelly, Ben Bravo, Erika Javier, Samuel Pate

Clark Hall: Christian Cline, Moira Quinn, Vincent Phan, Amanda Ridder

Greg Hall: Isabelle Melendez-Smith

Jerome Hall: Michelle Carlson

Augustine Hall: Ruby Lopez Villalobos

Theresa Hall: Henry Jaros

Madonna Hall: Straton Garrard

O’Connell Hall: Mary Fox

Holy Trinity Seminary: A.J. Motte

Commuter: Alexa Acquista

Student Apartments: Ellen Rogers


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