Robbery sparks safety concerns

A robbery at gunpoint took place in Tower Village Aug. 11, but residents were not notified until Aug. 29. Photo by Paulina Martin.

On Aug. 29, 2016, a report was posted to all the front doors in the Tower Village apartment complex.

The report stated that at 4:30 a.m. the morning of Aug. 11 2016, a guest had been robbed at gunpoint while visiting a resident’s apartment.

The suspects were three males with masks covering their heads, who broke into the entry door and demanded certain personal belongings from the guest sitting in an apartment.

Patty Valdez, the property manager of Tower Village and signer of the document, said in the posted notice that she and other authorities involved believe that the person targeted in the break-in was specifically singled out.

The letter went on to state that a report had been filed with the Irving Police Department as a part of an ongoing police investigation.

One of the most concerning aspects of the incident is the lack of information.

The suspects are barely identified, and no information concerning the incident was sent to students except for those who may have seen the posting in Tower Village.

Usually when there is a substantial incident, which could jeopardize safety within the University of Dallas community, an email is sent out alerting students.

However, there was no such email sent, and David Lemire, a longtime Campus Security officer at UD, said that he had no knowledge of any such robbery occurring, when asked about the incident.

“It is my understanding that no UD students were involved, and no one was injured,” Director of Campus Security Charles Steadman said in response to an email regarding the incident. “Irving Police have it listed as under investigation and will not release any further information.”

Riyanna Rutledge, a resident of Tower Village, has realistic expectations for the apartment complex.

“I knew going into Old Mill that I wasn’t going to be in the best neighborhood,” Rutledge said. “I take necessary precautions, but [the notice] didn’t make me feel safe. It made me more vigilant.”

Rutledge also spoke to the discrepancy between the frequent police presence in Tower Village and the continued safety concerns.

“It is kind of funny that it happened right under [the police’s] noses, it made me feel the police aren’t really doing anything there,” Rutledge said. “I come home from work, and they are sitting outside my apartment at two in the morning. They are there during the night when all the most illicit activity is happening.”

Exercise caution when traveling around Tower Village at night, and be aware of any suspicious persons or activity.

Anyone who may have any details concerning the incident of Aug. 11 is warmly encouraged to contact the Irving Police Department.


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