Abolition of abortion: a result of education

Education can help improve the lives of women and unborn children. Photo by Anthony Garnier.

The more I become involved in the world of politics, the more I encounter the confusion between a result and a solution.  The pro-life movement is a great example of this.

Like everyone in the movement, I strongly believe that life begins at conception and that abortion takes the life of an unborn child.  Without hesitation, I call myself pro-life.

However, the solution to stopping the cycle of abortion is not simply to make abortion illegal, just like making drugs illegal didn’t solve that problem.

The abolition of abortion can only be the result of the creation of a society in which abortion is unnecessary.

According to Canadian-based website,  actionlife.org, the second biggest reason women seek abortions is their inability to take on the financial burden of a child.

As of 2016, women still receive an average of 77 cents for every dollar a man makes in America. If the government could equalize wages and eliminate the wage gap between the sexes, then fewer women would feel desperate and compelled to have an abortion.

Another reason for abortion is teenage pregnancy.

According to UNICEF, around 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of secondary school age worldwide were out of school as of 2013.

The fact that I, a woman, am writing this article while attending a private university is an incredible blessing.

To quote UNICEF:

“Adolescent girls that attend school delay marriage and childbearing, are less vulnerable to disease including HIV and AIDS, and acquire information and skills that lead to increased earning power.”

Therefore, increasing the educational opportunities for girls across the globe would decrease child marriage and increase wages for women, a vital element in abolishing abortion.

Maybe it is because I come from a family that recently acquired literacy, but it is my opinion that if American girls who had the privilege of education were to become more aware and involved in educating other girls around the globe, they might come to appreciate their own advantages they have been given in the United States.

Unfortunately, not all sex is consensual.  Sometimes every woman’s worst nightmare is realized and she is taken advantage of. According to actionlife.org, this category of reasons for abortion amounts to 0.5%.

To prevent the need for abortion for these victims there are two solutions.

The first begins in the home.  Boys ought to be taught through example the radical principle that women and girls are not objects for their pleasure, but rather human beings with the right to say the powerful word: no.

Second, we as a society should promote the institution of adoption and show that good can be brought out of the worst evils.

I heard it once said that it is better to be a bit sexist than to disregard traditional family values. But I wish to pose this question: how can this be the case when the answer to the issue of abortion finds itself in alignment with so many fundamental feminist values?

The solution to the problem of abortion comes primarily from education.  We pro-lifers must stop throwing money at this or that pro-life organization that continues to leave this issue unresolved in politics. We must take action.

And by taking action, I don’t mean going and standing outside an abortion center in protest.  I mean going and getting your hands dirty.

Go to the edgy parts of Dallas and volunteer in the educational systems to help girls learn.  Take action to make women’s lives better around the globe.

By doing this, the abolition of abortion will come as a result.

As William Ross Wallace said:

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”



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