Ultimate frisbee: club sports at their finest

UDU proudly stands as one of the university's most successful athletic organizations. Photo by Anthony Garnier.

For incoming freshmen at any school, the first days of the semester are a whirlwind of new experiences.  Students are sent spinning through orientation like bouncing pinballs — from moving into their rooms, to dorm meetings, to finding their first classes — all while stepping out into a whole new social sphere.

This wild bewilderment, though natural and expected, is still not always what one might call fun.  The University of Dallas Ultimate club (UDU) was created and is maintained today to bring a kind of fun to campus that cannot be found anywhere else.  When you need to let off some steam, relax, laugh, make new friends or maybe even learn a new sport, UDU is there to help.

Ultimate is the epitome of a club sport.  It is the full package, with maximum fun, competition and athleticism without the stress of an NCAA sport.  The coed team nourishes athletic excellence while flourishing on its players’ happy-go-lucky attitudes.

You will find this band of committed athletes pitted against each other in a weekend-long February tournament one minute and huddled in a massive pile of blankets in the middle of a field the next.

Freshmen, and any students looking for a community that will challenge them to be better people and better athletes, and that will always be there for every crazy adventure college throws their way need look no farther than UDU.

In the past four years, UDU has become one of UD’s most successful athletic organizations, beating out both club and NCAA sports. It is now proud to boast a women’s team that is quickly catching up to the men’s team in numbers and quality.

With the beginning of a new school year and a new season of ultimate, UDU is looking to “carpe diem and carpe disc.”  It’s more than just throwing a disc on the mall; UDU hopes to throw together one of their most successful seasons to date and maybe even make this academic year one of its members’ best years as well.


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