Featured Alumnus: Sean Duggan (’88)

Photo courtesy of Killian Beeler.

Alumnus Sean Duggan (BA ’88) will be speaking on campus at the Student Leadership Banquet, Aug. 30.


After graduating from the University of Dallas, he received his Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel Services while working at Kent State University. He currently oversees student housing for Texas Tech University, where he has worked for the last 25 years.


KB: What was your favorite aspect of UD as a student?

SD: By far, my favorite part of UD was the semester in Rome. My oldest sister went to Rome with UD when I was in the ninth grade. Her trip kind of sealed my fate. I remember at the time thinking, “I want to do that!” I am very thankful I was able to make that dream a reality.


KB: How has UD helped shape you as a person?

SD: During those formative years, I was able to determine what I wanted out of my life, career, family, faith, the type of person I wanted to be. Only I could make those choices. Being surrounded by so many wonderful people helped me to become the best version of me possible. The UD education, leadership opportunities, friendships and finding my wife have impacted me on a daily basis.


KB: What drew you to a career in Higher Education Administration, and how has your UD education influenced you in your work?

SD: I loved my college experience so much I just wanted to extend it as long as possible. I had no concept of Higher Education Administration until the spring semester of my senior year. The assistant dean of students at the time told me, “You would be really good at this, working on a college campus.” That is when the light bulb went off in my mind, and 28 years later, my college experience continues.


KB: Was there ever a moment in your post-graduate life when you felt lost? If so, how did you overcome the situation?

SD: I don’t think I ever felt truly lost, but I do remember periods of doubt regarding my career choices. In this field of work, many people travel all over the country working at different places to gain experience, promotions and a variety of institutional environments. With a large family, I never really wanted to move all over the place. Thankfully, my career has developed and advanced within one institution. To be honest, I have always left it in God’s hands — if He wants [me] somewhere else, I am sure He will make that happen. Until then, I am happy growing where He planted me.


KB: What personal and professional advice would you give to current UD students? Specifically, what advice would you give to those interested in Higher Education Administration?

SD: I have found working with college students to be a very rewarding and fulfilling profession. No work day is ever the same, and working with young people has kept me young at heart. There are so many areas of work within Higher Education Administration that if you have an interest area, there are jobs out there at thousands of institutions throughout the country. Go for it!


Students, are you interested in speaking with Alumnus Sean Duggan and/or learning more about Higher Ed Administration? Contact Alumni Relations at udalum@udallas.edu.




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