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Christina Deal, Staff Writer


For my final article in The University News, I decided to bring the year full circle by finding another delicious brunch in Dallas.

During college, I have learned from Dallas to enjoy the great and admirable pastime that is brunch. The meal celebrates delicious breakfast food and serves as the perfect leisure time with friends.

Toulouse Café and Bar is a French bistro in the Knox-Henderson area with a hip vibe combined with classic décor. Being on the Katy Trail attracts many patrons to the restaurant who bike there or want to enjoy a post-meal walk.

Going on a busy Saturday morning meant that parking proved difficult, though we were lucky to pass a recently opened street spot.

The expansive outdoor patio features wicker chairs, and murals and posters recalling Toulouse-Lautrec transport customers to Paris. The mood, however, is not a sleepy café, but rather a hip spot to enjoy brunch.

The café features Illy espresso and bold drip coffee, or mimosas served with a decorative orange slice ($8.50).

Our meal started with New Orleans style beignets with a cappuccino sauce. The fried dough topped with powdered sugar paired nicely with the coffee -flavored sauce.

During the meal, the staff kept our baguettes replenished. The French bread fulfills all hopes and dreams you could have for the satisfying French delicacy.

Our table’s orders included the Classic Eggs Benedict, Omelette Provençale and Croque Madame. The brunch menu items ranged from $7.95 to $20.50, while the lunch and dinner menus fall on the more expensive end. All the meals were nicely plated, but our food was served on awkward rectangular dishes, which caused me to drop my fork several times.

Due to the busyness of the restaurant, the food took a while to come, but the bread supply distracted anyone from noticing. Overall, the wait staff seemed a bit disorganized for such a big establishment, but they were but, nevertheless, they were all friendly.

When our meals finally arrived, my two poached eggs came atop ham and a toasted English muffin. The hollandaise sauce drizzled over the top could have been more present in the dish to add more flavor, but the roasted potatoes were nicely seasoned, adding a nice side dish.

Overall, I have enjoyed exploring Dallas’ vibrant restaurant scene and am sad to have discovered this place only a few weeks before graduating. Wherever I end up, I will take Dallas’ tradition of brunch with me as a celebration of food and friendship.

3314 Knox Street
Dallas, Texas 75205

Saturday and Sunday Brunch
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


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