Dear Dallas Seniors,


As our UD days come to a close, it’s natural to reflect, reminisce and get a little nostalgic.  We recall our excitement as freshmen, our revelry in Rome and all the personal growth that we’ve shared together in our journey through the Core.

We’d like to invite you to pause for a second and think back on yourself four years ago, when you first came to UD as a student. What would tell your younger self if you could go back to that day? What should you savor most? What could you do better? What shouldn’t you have done at all? And what would you do more of if you could?

We’re about to leave the UD bubble, hopefully smarter and wiser than when we came into it. What lessons can we offer those who remain?

We’ll publish your thoughts (hopefully in 300 words or less) on and pick the best to run in our last edition of The University News.

Send your “Dear Dallas Freshmen” submissions to: by Friday, April 29.


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