[The half dozen]

Illustration by Cecilia Secaira

1. Besides writing clever short stories, P.G. Wodehouse also co-wrote the lyrics for Show  Boat. The then-innovative musical will be simulcast for those with empty wallets as it plays at the Dallas Opera. April 23. AT&T Stadium. Free.

2. Venture beyond the Rochelle pond for a picnic where you can also see exhibits, enjoy the animals or take a hike at the Audubon Center. You can even see preserved grasses, and if that doesn’t get you out of your seat, nothing will. Every third Thursday. Trinity River Audubon Center. Free.

3. We get confused for UTD enough that the school probably merits a visit. Musica Nova: An Evening of Bach and Mozart provides as good a reason as any. Enjoy performances by students, faculty and local artists. Plus, you’ll need something to do if you’re boycotting Formal. April 22. UT Dallas Jonsson Performance Hall. Free.

4. Free music. Free movie. Pricey food trucks. Lacking only free food, Date Night in the Park promises to be at least better than a Cap Bar date. “Daddy’s Home” will be shown and The Midnight River Choir will perform. April 23.  Farmers Branch Historical Park. Free.

5. Do you cringe when recyclables get heedlessly tossed in the ordinary trashcan? Then this day is for you: celebrate Earth Day Texas by milking a cow, enjoying local music, listening to speakers and generally satisfying your inner tree hugger. April 22-24. Fair Park. Free.

6. On April 23, 1616 the world lost both Cervantes and Shakespeare (differences in the Gregorian and Julian calendars mean it wasn’t really the same day, but no need to bother with this technicality). We now celebrate this day as World Book Day. Roses will accompany any book purchases on this holiday perfect for all lovers of the Core. April 23. Wild Detectives. Free.


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