Mall à la Mode

Bridget Safranek, Contributing Writer

Hélène wears a black Urban Outfitters tunic, black Target jeans and black leather wedges that she found while thrifting. She accessorizes with turquoise earrings. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

Name: Hélène Bergez
Classification: Junior
Major: Art History
Hometown: Salinas, Calif.

BS: How important is fashion to you?
HB: It definitely plays an important role in my everyday life, especially in motivating me in certain parts of my day. For example, I’m in a design class this semester, and wearing a bold, geometric-patterned shirt or artsy shoes will gear me towards a more artistic mindset.

BS: How did you go about choosing an outfit for Tower Film Fest?
HB: Since Spring Formal is an event geared more towards bright colors and patterns, I thought I should be a little more risky or edgy for Film Fest, especially since it is an event celebrating the art of filmmaking. I thought it would be appropriate to wear something similarly artistic or creative!

BS: How would you describe your style?
HB: It’s a mismash, really. I don’t have a specific style, and I can be different things from one day to another. It’s pretty casual most of the time, but I’ll put in one good quality piece. Maybe my shoes will stand out or my shirt will stand out. I like to keep it basic but also edgy in some way.

BS: How does your fashion reflect your artwork?
HB: Studying art history, one of the most interesting things is seeing how an artist’s style can change so drastically throughout their career. For myself, I think it’s important to also be constantly trying new things. I love to switch my wardrobe up with clothing swaps or consignment stores.

BS: What is your favorite piece of artwork that you’ve made?
HB: My first drawing class at [the University of Dallas] required 30 minutes of daily sketches in a sketchbook. Most of the pages are full of crazy, strange images that reflect that day’s feelings and mood. I think it’s important to keep track of the days by sketching, just like reflecting your inner mood through your outfit is important.

BS: Who is your favorite artist?
HB: I really love Clyfford Still. He uses very bright colors, and as an abstract impressionist, there’s no real subject matter to it, but it’s aesthetically intriguing because you can make whatever you want about it.

BS: How do you shop on a college budget?
HB: I love thrift shopping! My favorite store that happens to absolutely fit my poor, college student budget is Buffalo Exchange on Greenville. The clothes are in great condition, have reasonable prices and, best of all, they come in a variety of styles that are great for experimentation. The art scene in Dallas is very prominent, so it’s common to find some pretty daring and eccentric pieces in thrift stores.

BS: What’s one of your favorite Film Fest videos? 
HB: My favorite was “PDKlosed,” because it had such beautiful cinematography to it, and it was so beautifully filmed … They had some really funny videos that year, but the artistic, wonderful, qualities that it had [were] so inspiring for me.


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