Mall à la mode

Bridget Safranek, Contributing Writer


Name: Sophie Athas
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Garland, Texas
Major: English, political philosophy concentration

BS: Tell me about your green booties that you’re wearing.
SA: I knew that everyone was going to be wearing booties, and I kind of wanted to opt for something that wasn’t your standard black or brown. I was actually really nervous when I got them. I ordered them online and they had no reviews. I got them and I thought they were going to be such a hard green to wear, but I was so wrong! They literally go with everything. I wear them with jeans and white oxfords; they go really well with those. They just stand out.

BS: Do you plan your outfits around them, or do you just throw them on after you get ready?
SA: I do a little bit of both. Sometimes I know I want to wear the booties, and I’ll try and see what can work with that, based on what my day will be like. Otherwise, I’ll put on an outfit, and I just need something that will pull it all together, that’s just going to pop. And these booties work really well with that.

BS: What advice do you have for someone who is looking to buy into a trend, but is not quite sure?
SA: I think that you should go for trends, but if you’re not sure, you shouldn’t go for the expensive side. With these booties, I figured if I don’t like them, if I don’t like the trend, I can get rid of them after a season because they were fairly inexpensive. But now that I like them, I can be on the lookout for more like it.

BS: What other clothing articles do you have that are edgy or maybe a little different from the normal trend?
SA: I opted for a navy leather jacket from Florence. That was kind of one of the same things — I really wanted a leather jacket but I knew that everyone was going to be going for the tan or the black. I wanted something that could be made a staple and that was classy but that wasn’t going to be boring. That’s one of the things I look for. I want something that’s different but not flashy and not boring. Green booties or a blue leather jacket — it works and it pulls things together without being too ostentatious.

BS: What would you say to someone who is looking to branch out fashion-wise, but doesn’t have a lot of time or money?
SA: I really like Nordstrom, but they’re on the more expensive side. So what I’ll do is see what they’re selling, or what the looks are that they’re pushing for the season. And then you can always find something from Target or Gap that’ll make that work. That way, you’re not spending a lot of money on something that you don’t know if you’ll like or not. And if you do like it, then it might be worth your money to invest in it.


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