A growing UD tradition: Mallapalooza

Kaity Chaikowsky, Contributing Writer

Senior SPUD director Stephen Thie worked alongside “Moey” Brown to coordinate the music line-up for Mallapalooza, which includes a variety of musical genres. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

What if the University of Dallas celebrated Groundhog Day twice a year? The afternoon would start with cornhole, food and music and would slowly turn into the kind of all-night party UD is known for throwing.

Or what if the university started a new tradition? Something like a festival. This has always been the idea behind Mallapalooza, another one of the university’s great traditions. To give the students another chance to celebrate and forget about school before the final stretch of the school year, SPUD has spent the past five months planning the festival.

Mallapalooza kicks off the last stretch of the school year. The weekend will start with ’80s TGIT, one of the most well-attended TGITs, then Friday will bring the most epic Quiz Bowl of the year.

The eight-hour festival will begin Saturday at 4 p.m. with the freshman band Northgate, games of cornhole and a cookout by Student Foundations. As the night goes on, tacos, beer, flower crowns and much more will keep the party going.  Marissa “Moey” Brown, SPUD Musical Entertainment Coordinator and organizer for the event, explains that this year will be the largest Mallapalooza UD has seen.

“This year there will be six bands: two student, two local to Dallas and two big bands from out of state. The music is very diverse.  We started by trying to work with a theme but ended up with punk rock, folk, “glam” rock and acoustic,” Brown said.

SPUD director Stephen Thie is excited for the students to experience the line-up, which includes the bands Northgate, Magnanimity, the Native Sons, Siamese, The Social Animals and Night Terrors of 1927.

“The goal is to ease everyone into a relaxing environment, and as the night goes on, everyone can get louder, have a beer and enjoy a good time,” Thie said.

Thie hopes that upper and underclassmen will come out early to support the student bands and enjoy the cookout.

“We spent a lot of time listening to bands we would hear about from all over. We discovered the best bands were found by asking around, networking and [through] agencies.  We would go to Spotify and decide what kind of band is ‘UD’ and what is not,” Brown said.

By screening numerous bands and working with an agency based in Nashville, Thie and Brown secured two out-of-state headliners, from California and Minnesota that the coordinators believe are perfect for the UD scene.

Brown hopes that the bands enjoy themselves just as much as she knows the students will, especially given UD’s reputation for being a great audience

“Bands absolutely love coming to our school. This reputation helped us book some of our first choice bands,” Brown said. “Hopefully after this year our reputation will only grow, and we will be able to continue booking such high-caliber bands.”

Freshman Genevieve Frank, the drummer of Northgate, an opening band this year, is excited to be a part of such an awesome event.

“We are pumped for Saturday! We’ll be playing lots of classic songs from The Killers, John Mayer, the Beatles — it’s going to be such a fun night!” Frank said.

Thie is excited to show off our school and our spirit of celebration to the performers that will be here Saturday.

“The whole thing will be awesome,” Brown said. “There will be more than enough food, music and beer for everyone to have a great time”


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