New dining service comes to campus

Christina Deal, Coffee Connoisseur & Popcorn Enthusiast

When the lines in Haggar are too long or your classes last through lunch, the SB Hall vending machines provide a great substitution. Photo by Anthony Garnier.

Due to student complaints regarding Aramark’s food service, the University of Dallas is taking measures to explore the future of dining with the vending machines of SB Hall. The Dining Services advisory committee foresees this viable solution as solving years of hard work and determination.

With the advent of SB Hall, the future of on-campus dining also arrived. Normally, this column looks to Dallas for dining options, but the new phenomenon of vending machines fulfilling any and every food need removed any further reason to venture to Dallas.

This one-stop shop for all things food has all the meals and food groups covered. On the first floor of the building, the convenient turnstile vending machine allows the customers to view all the items before making their final decision.

For breakfast, cereal options range from Fruit Loops to other sugary delights. Sandwich options are also available in rotating flavors, including almost real eggs, bacon and cheese on a big biscuit.

Lunch provides the most variety: sandwiches, salads and microwaveable items sitting freshly for weeks.

The three-meats sub, freshly wrapped in paper, features a daily dose of protein along with some veggies to compliment the meat.

Chef Boyardee flavors change biweekly as a pasta lunch or dinner entrée. The gooey pasta and the saucy sauce satisfy even the most voracious appetite.

Health nuts would appreciate the Asian Style chopped salad as a delicious, rubbery vegetable option. Only 260 calories, the crispy rice noodles provide a crunchy element along with the almond slices. Vegetarians might need to seek out a different item since this salad still contains chicken.

For those fighting off a cold, Homestyle Cup Noodles offer a warming, nourishing soup. The powdered broth imitates real chicken stock. There are many soup flavor varieties for any palette.

If some people are not looking for a full meal, snack boxes of chicken salad with crackers will tide even the most famished over until dinner time.

The items range from $2-$3.50 making every meal totally affordable. These prices also leave room in the budget for a soda or a sweet.

Drink and dessert vending machines accompany the savory items to ensure total meal satisfaction. Dinner must be finished with a Mrs. Freshley’s banana pudding cupcake. Coca-Cola and Pepsi options are available to please those on either side of the debate.

The franchising of the vending machines depends on student reception. Please call 1-800-TOGOMEALS to demonstrate your support.

Disclaimer: This is the April Fools’ edition of the paper. All stories are fictitious in nature.


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