[The half dozen]

Illustration by Cecilia Secaira

1. On the rare occasion that all other sources of procrastination fail you — your dishes are done, you’re caught up on “New Girl,” and you’ve even worked out – venture to the Braniff Foyer around midnight for a sure crew of moderately studious individuals. Just beware of the third floor or the Periodicals, where real study may be taking place. Braniff. Daily until May. Free (will definitely cost you time, and time is money).

2. TGIT. Your excuse for not going is probably lame. The Rat. Thursdays. Free. Includes free popcorn. How picky do you get?

3. One of the best-kept secret events on campus: Office Hours. Though slightly hit or miss, if you time these right, office hours can not only provide good conversation (especially good when you miss your parents) but may even help your grade. Likely between piles of old books. Times vary and probably don’t work with your schedule anyway. Free.

4. On break in Bran? Longing to run to the basement? Visit the Economics Department for a wealth of pillow mints — and pretzels and chocolate if you’re brave enough to actually walk into the office. Daily. Home of UD’s toughest major. May cost a slight loss of dignity.

5. Grand. Sufficiently abstract   and confusing. Visit the intimate, avant-garde gallery space in Gorman A. Though small, the show is open all hours of the night and even provides an interactive white board. Gorman. All day, every day. Free, though, let’s be honest, you paid a whole lot to get into this school.

6. You can’t afford breakfast tomorrow and haven’t yet jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon. Wander over to the Cap Bar at 11 p.m. for a free pastry. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you run into a gaggle of flirting freshmen girls — be wary. They may threaten your chances at an almond croissant. Cap Bar. Days vary. Free.


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