The adventures of ________________


Sometimes, commentary pieces do not read the way you want them to. You and the writer might not share the same point of view, and you might walk away from the paper frustrated. This is your chance to have an article read as you wish. Fill in the blanks as you feel they should be. Enjoy!

There once was a very ____________________ girl who wanted to be a super________________. So, she went to the superpower store and bought some _________________ juice. The next morning, she woke up the with superpower of _________________.

In her city, ______________town, there was a cat stuck in a __________________. Supergirl wanted to test her powers, so she___________________ the tree and the cat __________________ down.

After the save, Supergirl walked to __________________ for a __________________. She sat on the outside patio and _______________________. It was a good day.

Later that day, there was a very _______________________ man who was offending everyone because he wasn’t ________________ enough. She _________________ him and he fell on the _____________________, and never, ever offended anyone ever again.

The newspaper heard about this incident and started naming her __________________. She really liked this name, so she decided to be the first progressive super__________________ of _____________town.

With a name like ____________, she needed a superhero costume. She chose _________________ pants and a _____________________ top because they were ___________________, but, like a good ________________, she didn’t want to offend anyone. She wore a cape with ____________________ on it, so she looked ____________________.

All the PC _____________ in the city started to call on her because they needed help protecting people. She went about her days __________ing all the people who caused the trigger warnings.

She went to Little League __________________ games to hand out __________________. She cheered for her _________________.

In class, she diligently took notes. Her favorite class was ________________________, more commonly referred to as __________________.

Around campus she was actively involved in _________________. She balanced her school work and ___________________.

One day, she went to a __________________ rally to support one of the candidates for __________________. At the rally, she saw a ________________ person, so she whipped on her super_______________ costume and _______________ed the _____________ person, which made him ___________________.

Certain people _________________ her actions, but others looked at her with ___________________. Some even came up to her and asked, “How could you ______________?”

After this moment, she remembered her university professor once telling a group of students, “Everything is ________________.”

She ___________________ away from the rally deep in thought.

That night, she got home, ate _________________ and hung up her costume.


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