An unconventional joint: The Meet-Up

Connor Fitzgerald, Supreme Overlord of Awesomeness


This past Friday, on the word of an online recommendation, I decided to eat off-campus at The Meet-Up, a small, out of the way diner just outside of downtown Dallas. It wasn’t very busy when I entered, just some people at the bar and sitting sparsely at the tables. I was worried that the service would be slow at first, since it looked like everybody else was waiting instead of eating, but I received my pasta penne in record time.

The pasta sauce is made with the restaurant’s special recipe and was unbelievable. The garlic bread, which came free with the meal, was fresh out of the oven and was fantastic.

I was surprised to learn that the diner is often used as a meeting spot for undercover police investigations or sting operations.

While this may turn some people away, an upside is that there is a student discount offered Monday through Thursday, which makes this restaurant perfect for the adventurous college student on a budget. Indeed, the variety of customers impressed me, as it ranged from the nervous-looking men eating donuts at the bar, to the intimidating group of men who walked in during my meal, one of whom had a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

I was soon distracted by these intriguing patrons when the small, appetizer-sized plate of chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce I ordered arrived at my table. The chicken was satisfactory, but the sauce left something to be desired. I decided to give their other sauces a try, however, before I made my verdict.

Unfortunately, I was interrupted in this task when I found myself in the middle of a wild shoot-out. The situation, much like the sauce, had turned sour. As you can imagine, this turn of events delayed the arrival of the extra condiments to my table. The pasta, however, continued to be just as good, after it had cooled down significantly. This pleasant surprise made up somewhat for the less pleasant surprise of being used as a human shield.

Another unpleasant discovery is that the only available dessert I could to order was ice cream. The prepared desserts table had been upended in order to double as a wall of defense, and the oven was put out of order by several stray bullets. In light of these developments, I paid my bill and left, resolving to return in the future to try their new cake creation filled with “Smuckers Swirl” jelly.

Overall, I had a pleasant meal and found the atmosphere to be a refreshing break from the norm. I give The Meet-Up 82.3 out of 112 thumbs-up.

Disclaimer: This is the April Fools’ edition of the paper. All stories are fictitious in nature.


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