Madere, director of student life, to resign

Molly Wierman, News Editor

Madere has been with the university since 2009. University News photo

Doré Madere, director of student life at the University of Dallas, resigned on Thursday March 24.

Dr. John Plotts, senior vice president for enrollment and student affairs, confirmed Madere’s resignation without elaborating on the reasons for her decision.

Plotts said that Madere’s last day at UD has not yet been decided but that it will be between Apr. 6 and May 31.

“It depends largely on the timing of her next opportunity,” Plotts wrote in an email, adding that, “she will be missed by us all.”

Student Government President junior Joey Kelly added that he believes Madere will be successful in whatever endeavors she undertakes after her time at UD.

“At the end of it all, I can say that without a doubt she is one of the most impressive and strongest women I know,” Kelly said in an email. “I am obviously sad to see her go because I am losing a great mentor but also because the University of Dallas needs someone of her caliber. We are losing one of our greatest giants. She’s a wonderful example of powerful humility and magnanimity. I know I’ll miss her next year, but it doesn’t trump my excitement to see what she’ll take on next.”

Madere served as the director of residence life, as well as the head coach for track and field and cross country from Feb. 2009 until she joined the Office of Student Life in Feb. 2012. She began her role as director of student life in June 2013.

She earned her MBA in marketing and facilities management in 2012 from the UD College of Business.

Kelly said that a hallmark of Madere’s time at UD was her willingness to undertake difficult tasks and risk controversy for the good of the student body.

During her tenure as director of student life, Madere served on the 2014 Social Justice Committee. She spearheaded the university’s initiative to promote social justice on campus.

She was also part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee that both worked to raise awareness of sexual assault on campus and rewrote the university’s policy on personal and sexual violence.

Most recently, Madere organized the Dining Services Advisory Committee charged with promoting communication between Aramark and students.


  1. She also made her mark by traipsing willy-nilly into men’s locker rooms, not apologizing for it, and somehow avoiding a sexual harrassment charge… Hmmmm…..

  2. She also imposed completely unnecessary travel regulations on all club sports, as well as not encouraging the Student Activities to do ANYTHING in a timely manner. An MBA? Couldn’t tell.


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