Mall à la mode

Bridget Safranek, Contributing Writer

Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

Name: Marquel Plavan
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Philosophy, pre-law
Classification: Freshman

BS: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
MP: I like Halsey, Lana Del Rey, and she has a sister who’s a photographer that I look up to as well. They use their style as an extension of their art and creativity, and, as an artist, I think it’s kind of fun to let your fashion sense be an outward expression of your art and the vision that I have. I don’t pay much attention to trends, if I see a strong independent woman wearing something from the thrift store, there’s going to be a story behind that piece, and I really like that. It’s not just brand names and stuff like that. My mother is very, very fashionable with hair and make-up, and she’ll give me things like a nice necklace or nice shoes, and I love to wear those things.

BS: What’s your favorite thing in your closet?
MP: There’s this Topshop jean jacket that I love, it’s cropped and dark-wash. Oh, and there’s this Express dress which my friends call my “witch sleeve” dress because it has bell sleeves made out of lace. When I reach for stuff, I have to hold the sleeves so they don’t get in my food! I love it because I can dress it up with heels, I can wear it with sneakers and I can wear it to church. It’s a black versatile dress that’s so comfy, and I always throw it on when I am lost for outfit ideas.

BS: Have you had any fashion faux-pas?
MP: I’d definitely say that I did in middle school. I didn’t have Heelys, but I did layer shirts on top of each other so much, it was horrible. I’d wear a long shirt and a t-shirt and a cami over it. How I ever thought that was cool and how anyone ever let me wear that, I don’t know.

BS: How does your work as a photographer affect the way you dress?
MP: As a kid, I would draw and paint a lot, and that’s how I got started in art. When I got into photography, I saw it as, what would I want to paint? My mother was huge into fashion, and we always had high-fashion magazines around our house and she would watch fashion shows. In terms of fashion, a lot of that comes from her, like what color makes my eyes pop or what color washes someone out. I think it’s so important to pick colors that complement your skin, eyes and hair. You need to accept the parts of yourself and then grow from there and not feel the need to bleach your hair or get a fake tan. I always look at magazines from the fashion point, and I pay a lot of attention to color. I like things with a rugged look, or things that look like they have a story behind it.

BS: Do you have any fashion icons on campus?
MP: I love Elizabeth Kerin’s look! She has a great balance between preppy and more fun, kooky, artsy stuff. She’s not over-the-top [or] anything. My roommate, Kaity Chaikowski. And Lucy Teller! I love how she dresses, and I love how she only buys from thrift stores. She has a great natural look.


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