Mall à la mode

Bridget Safranek, Contributing Writer

Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

Name: Joseph Watson
Classification: Senior
Major: Classics
Hometown: New Orleans, La.

BS: Where do you find your style?
JW: For designer stuff, I’ll go to nicer exchange stores, depending on the caliber of what I want to get. If I’m getting sunglasses, I’ll get them directly from Solstice … but if I’m going to get, perhaps, a nicer Polo, I’ll go somewhere like Buffalo Exchange or maybe somewhere there’s a sale. I like to keep it smart.

BS: What designers do you gravitate towards?
JW: Ralph Lauren, Burberry, a lot of Ralph Lauren. I’ve been wearing a lot of Banana Republic, J.Crew.

BS: What’s the most ridiculous thing in your closet?
JW: Over the top as far as designer goes? I have this Chanel shirt, and … honestly I don’t wear it that much, but I found it at Buffalo Exchange, and I was like, well, it’s Chanel, so I bought it … I didn’t even know that Chanel did menswear. It has a quilted shiny collar … it’s pretty great.

BS: You said that you love the musician Prince. Does his style affect your style in any way?
JW: Maybe a little bit. I don’t have a leather jacket, but I’d say that if [this jacket] was purple, it’d be very Prince-ish. Probably not, because if you look at some of the things he wears in concerts, I probably wouldn’t get away with wearing it in public.

BS: Who are some stylish professors on campus?
JW: There was my teacher I had for Phil & Eth … [Professor] Macready. He … really dressed well. Dr. Sweet, of course. Classy, yet refined, yet approachable. Obviously Dr. Grewal. She had such a heavy fashion voice on campus, and we miss her dearly.

BS: Compare the style here with the style of New Orleans.
JW: I would say that here, it’s a lot more preppy, but also a lot of people who just wear gym clothes everywhere. In New Orleans, you get ripped jeans … Obviously depending on where you go … if you go to Uptown, you see a lot of hipsters wearing flannels, you know what I mean … guys with beards, and grungy, really grungy. If you go downtown, it gets a little more refined, but compared to here … the style is much more safe here.

BS: What’s one thing you would never wear?
JW: I would never wear parachute pants. But who would ever wear them? … I really don’t like those sweatpants that close at the ankle that guys wear. Probably something I would never wear.

BS: What words of advice do you have for the UD community?
JW: Making sure you take pride in your appearance … Try to be unique. That’s a tough one. Be an individual, but have some kind of regard for how people see you and take pride in how people see you.


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