Spring Break. Mexico. Los Angeles. The Grand Canyon. Miami. The Gulf of Mexico. Dallas?

That’s right. I put Dallas into a list of desirable spring break destinations.

Dallas is a city of diversity. From nature to parties, Dallas has it all. If you will be here for spring break, pull out those college bucket lists because it’s about time you finally made it to that city landmark you’ve been meaning to visit since freshman year. And, if your list needs augmenting, here are some suggestions.

Dallas’ day life is amazing. You could spend a week simply going to a different shopping center every day, with NorthPark Center, the Galleria, the Outlets, Southlake Town Square, West Village, and the five-story Neiman Marcus headquarters, you have every shopping need covered.

Some of the best neighborhoods to explore include the Arts District, Deep Ellum, Knox-Henderson and Bishops Arts. Dallas art in these neighborhoods deserves an entire day, if not a whole week.

The museums and gardens of the Arts District are free and worth the trip, and no independent thinker should graduate without visiting the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth at least once. Smaller galleries are also sprinkled throughout Dallas, including Cydonia gallery, 500X Gallery and many more in the Bishop Arts area.

Michael Kerner, a lacrosse player, also recommends the outdoor world of the Dallas area. Kerner enjoys White Rock Lake, a beautiful lake with nearly 10 miles of trails, kayaking, fishing at the piers and bird watching.

Cedar Hill State Park also has good fishing with a 7,500 acre lake known for its large, diverse fish populations.

For the real adventurer who might want to spend part of break camping, Daingerfield State Park or Davy Crockett National Forest are a little over two hours outside Dallas and have enough trails, creeks, ponds and adventure to keep someone occupied for days.

If you want to leave Dallas without camping, Dallas is a day trip away from some other great cities, such as Austin, Waco and Shiner.

Austin, one of Texas’ most iconic cities, has a world-renowned music scene and great nightlife. As the state capital, it is full of interesting historical places and has a greater variety of local outdoor activities than Dallas.

Waco, about an hour and a half drive away, sits on the Brazos River and is home not only to Baylor University but also to the coffee shop Common Grounds, which is easily worth the trek. The coffee shop’s adorable country feel and great live music complement some of the best coffee you will ever have.

For an even more authentic Texas feel, visit Shiner. Supposedly “the cleanest little city in Texas,” Shiner boasts a small town feel and a brewery with some of University of Dallas students’ favorite beer.

For the final Friday night of break, enjoy Dallas’ nightlife. The Truck Yard is an outdoor “bar” that brings in award-winning food trucks every night and whose country decor and friendly vibe makes for an unforgettable experience.

Another place to check out is the rooftop soda bar on the NYLO Hotel in South Side. The views of the city are unmatched, and the sunset view will have all your friends wanting to screenshot your Snapchat story.

DJ and senior Luke Christianson recommends his personal favorite, and a great place to dance, It’ll Do Club. For good music and chill vibes, he recommends the Twilite Lounge, which he said has “lots of good live jazz and great drinks!”

Dallas may not have the views of the Grand Canyon or the party scene of Miami, but it definitely does not fall short on good times and great experiences. We are lucky to be only minutes from such an amazing, up-and-coming city, and there is no better time than spring break to take advantage of all it has to offer.


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