Mall à la mode

Bridget Safranek, Contributing Writer


Name: Joey Danaher
Classification: Junior
Major: Business
Hometown: Boulder, Colo.

BS: How would you describe your style?
JD: It varies hugely. I kind of think of fashion as a costume for the situation you’re in and the people you’re around and the mood that you’re in. To me, it can … change the mood you’re in, or it can be really fun … I love wearing ridiculous things in the right circumstances.

BS: What is it you’re drawn to in your style icons?
JD: I think it’s the presentation of detail with something really interesting without looking produced … I hate a look that looks pretentious. I have a hard time with hats, because so much of the time it’s like, well, I know that you tried on that hat 30 times this morning before putting it on … I think there’s something really valuable about something interesting and unusual.

BS: Has your style been consistent your whole life?
JD: No … I just wore comfortable clothes, like basketball shorts, when I was younger. I [don’t] think I wore my first pair of jeans [until] 7th grade, because I thought they were so uncomfortable. My style definitely has changed. I’ve always been interested in fashion and costume, but working in retail and growing older and having my own money has made my fashion change a lot.

BS: How has working in fashion retail affected your style?
JD: I’ve only ever worked at a consignment store. Basically everything that comes in … for the most part, is used. Sometimes there are imperfections, but it’s made high-end and well-made things accessible to me. In middle school, I would buy things at Forever 21. But now I wouldn’t. It’s made me appreciate good quality a lot more, and when you’re around clothes a lot, you notice that you like things you wouldn’t normally choose … brands that you associate with moms. You’re like, wait, that’s actually really nice, I think I want an Eileen Fisher sweater. I like that exposure to different things.

BS: What’s something that you’ve worn that you never thought you’d wear?
JD: I always say that there’s nothing I wouldn’t wear, but [there are] things I wouldn’t buy. I’ll borrow anything, and if the circumstance is right, then I’ll wear it. Collared shirts – UD has definitely taught me an appreciation for that. I don’t think I’d ever worn one before coming here. And school uniforms. I borrowed my friend’s school uniform because I went to public school and never had one, and I think it’s so fun and wear it now.

BS: What’s your philosophy of fashion?
JD: I want to feel good. So, if I have a huge test, I’m not ashamed to wear leggings and tennis shoes. It’s not a universal rule, ever, but I want to feel good and sometimes function is more important than the visual aspect that day. Making your day and your person better by what you’re wearing, that’s my philosophy.


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