“Deadpool” bribed me to write a good review

Jake Lyde, Contributing Writer


“Deadpool” is a superhero movie that focuses on the anti-hero Deadpool, known for his super healing ability, wise-cracking and for being one of the few comic book characters that actually knows he’s a comic book character.

I loved this movie, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been done better. Does this movie allow the “Merc with a Mouth” to make the jump from comics to movies, or should Deadpool just let Nolan North voice him in video games? Well …

The Plot: Mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) usually takes whatever jobs come his way. But one night, he meets escort Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), and the two immediately become inseparable.

Their relationship takes a turn for the worse when they discover that Wilson has cancer throughout most of his major organs. Desperate to be with the one he loves, Wilson accepts a mysterious third party’s offer to cure him of his cancer by making him a superhero. While the treatment, which is wholly inhumane, is successful, it leaves Wilson with hideous scarring all over his body.

Fixated on looking like himself again, Wilson goes on a massive revenge spree against the people who wronged him.

The plot isn’t the greatest and, aside from the red-and-black coloring, fits that of any other movie: guy loves a girl, guy gets wronged, guy goes on a revenge binge to make things right. The only thing that makes this plot bearable is the scrutiny it undergoes through Deadpool’s running commentary.

The most surprisingly timely aspect of the movie, just in time for last weekend’s holiday, is the romance between Wilson and Carlysle. It says a lot about a movie when one scene has the audience sighing, “aww” while another shows Deadpool roundhouse kicking a severed head.

The Characters: Deadpool is the best character in the film, hands down, bar none. Barely four seconds into the film, the star already had the theater laughing out loud with visual gags, crude humor and jokes poking fun at anything from Reynolds’ own career to the film’s limited budget. However, while Reynolds’ acting perfectly fits this role and was one of the greatest elements of the film, the supporting cast was varied, to say the least.

To be fair, the only character I really disliked was the villain, “Ajax” (Ed Skrein). I expected him to “go epic” at some point in the film, but he didn’t. He never really acts larger-than-life like Deadpool does.

Final Verdict: While the plot is basic and self-contained, and the villain fails to be as epic as the hero, the movie’s action, humor and, surprisingly, romance hold the film afloat.

Should you go see it? Yes, go see this film at least once in your life. And Marvel fans? Please; they’re probably already seeing this film for the third time right now.

Grade: B-


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