Josey Records: a new place for UD music-lovers to gather

Kaity Chaikowsky, Contributing Writer

Josey Records is a 15,500 square-foot record shop located in Farmers Branch that allows customers to play any record from the store on in-store, old-fashioned turntables. Photo by Marquel Plavan.

Let’s face it: at some point in time you’ve been listening to the radio and heard a song come on that you’ve known forever. A feeling of excitement comes over you. You knew that song before it was cool; it proves your exquisite taste and aptitude for trends.

Everyone wants a claim on something that’s cool. We all have bragged, “Oh yeah, I loved that song or author or awkward hair style that everyone will regret in five years before it was popular and everyone liked it.”

I think it’s this weird desire to be beyond the trends that, for years, has drawn me to record stores. I’ll be honest: I have very questionable music tastes. The CD currently in my car is Ke$ha, and the musical “Wicked” and Disney’s “Mulan” dominate my workout playlist. Despite a handicapped taste in music, I can spend hours in record stores simply reading album and band names. Rainbow Kitten Surprise in particular provided me with more amusement than it should have. (Surprisingly, they actually have normal indie style music). In my short time here in the Dallas area, I have been to six different record stores, my favorite by far being Josey Records.

Josey’s is a 15,500-square-foot room and easily the largest record store I have visited in the area. The store carries records as well as CDs, tapes, turntables and some artistic posters. A wall of turntables and free concert tickets make Josey’s unique among record stores.

Customers, or poor college students looking for ways to procrastinate, can pick from the store’s many rows of used vinyl and listen to a record in-store. Listening to records on old-fashioned turntables is a transcendent musical experience. The tables allow you to change the tempo, pitch and speed of the song, so you can listen to Jimi Hendrix the way his music originally was designed to be heard and then again as high-pitched and as fast as the turntable will allow.

The continual stock of free concert tickets on the counter is the second, and probably more notable, reason to visit Josey’s. The tickets are usually for cover bands of older rock or blues artists, or up-and-coming bands that have a show that week but weren’t quite able to sell out their venue. If you want to stay on top of the options and really take advantage of Josey’s diverse ticket selection, I recommend stopping by every two weeks, as ticket options change about that often.

Josey’s is the place to be if you are looking to educate yourself on new or old artists, listen to music in a new way or need something interesting to do this weekend. You’re bound to find some new band, album or concert venue that you can tell your friends “you knew first,” and I can tell all my friends, “I knew about Josey Records before it was the cool UD hang out.”


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