Meat fix before Lent

Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

For Catholics, Lent looms on the horizon. Though fasting only requires you to give up meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays in Lent, the season may be long and arduous for those who rely on their meat intake.

In order to squeeze in our meat fix before Ash Wednesday, Elizabeth and I ventured to Off-Site Kitchen, a gourmet burger place in the Trinity Groves area. This up-and-coming area in the shadow of downtown Dallas has a variety of restaurants, with Off-Site providing the burger niche to the selection.

Owner Nick Badovinus moved his restaurant from a smaller Design District location to Trinity Groves for a more polished-biker vibe — and more seating to accommodate its increasing popularity. The restaurant’s slogan, “Come on! Eat with your hands,” inspires heartiness for its menu of mostly sandwich items, priced just under $10.

The restaurant’s name, Off-Site Kitchen, derives from the quarter pound Angus chuck roll that is actually ground on-site. Grinding on-site is one way this delicious burger joint strives to provide high quality meat for its customers.

After you order at the counter, outdoor picnic tables and indoor tables with stools provide a casual ambiance, with posters resembling old magazine covers and a view of the open kitchen. Paper towels at every table encourage clean eating.

My Stock Cheese Burger, served with garlic salt russet fries, was cooked well and topped with American cheese, lettuce and tomato. The buns enhance the flavor and come from a University of Dallas favorite, Village Baking Co. The combination of the freshness of the bun and vegetables with the heartiness of the burger patty left us very satisfied.

Their fries are easily some of the best that I have had. While I chose a more traditional burger, they have other variations, such as jalapeños or green chile, and several different signature sandwiches and salads.

Beverages include fountain drinks, beers (from PBR to locally brewed Dallas beer) and mixed drinks that include margaritas, bourbon cherry cola and Moscow mules. The open setting encourages a social atmosphere for long conversations over good food and drink.

Off-Site Kitchen’s location provides a quick escape from UD without having to fight Dallas traffic, and its casual ambiance makes it the perfect place for a quick bite with a friend, a lunch break between classes or a low-key date night.

Off-Site Kitchen
331 Singleton Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75212

Sunday–Monday; 11a.m.–7p.m.
Tuesday–Thursday; 11a.m.–9p.m.
Friday–Saturday; 11a.m.–11p.m.


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