Girls’ night out in Dallas on a budget

Christina Deal, Staff Writer

Uptown’s Standard Pour offers ladies a free three-course meal during happy hour on Wednesday nights. Photo by Christina Deal.

A variety of Wednesday traditions offer a break for those trying to cope with the strain of the workweek. Wine Down Wednesdays celebrate the midweek with wine and a talk. Students also enjoy more unofficial hump day traditions like Ash Wednesday: a conversational gathering in the midst of cigar smoke. Others survive the weekly hurdle by escaping campus and frequenting happy hours around Dallas.

While leaving campus can often come at a steep price, and most college students know Dallas’ Uptown area as a pricier spot for food and drink, Uptown’s The Standard Pour offers a nearly free Wednesday opportunity — at least for the ladies.

Sorry men, but the restaurant’s deal, Dame’s Dinner, caters exclusively to the ladies’ night out. During happy hour, when drinks like the Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned are $5, ladies receive a predetermined three-course meal for free. The dinner menu varies by week but always has two options for each course. This past week, the menu featured delicious vegetarian dishes. For the first course, I chose the paquitos, which are refried beans and potatoes wrapped in a tortilla served with a spicy salsa verde and pico de gallo. The other option was a jicama salad featuring corn and beans with lemon, red onion and cilantro for zest.

The next two options were a roasted potato bowl or black bean tacos. I chose the potato bowl full of avocado, zucchini, pinto beans and lime in a flavorsome warm salad-style dish, while my friend chose the bean tacos, but was left wishing for round three.

Bite-sized churros finished the meal and our waitress even surprised us by bringing a second round of the dessert. The portions are reasonably sized, especially considering that they are free, and you can compound your bargain by eating during happy hour for the cheapest drink prices.

The drinks — a traditional but delightful menu of favorites like Manhattans, hot hard apple cider and Moscow Mules — complement the restaurant’s rustic aesthetic. The fully stacked bar goes well with the main room, full of tables with votive candles and checkered napkins. If you stay until 8 p.m., you will even hear live music or simply enjoy the hum of conversations ranging from the latest episode of “The Bachelor” to fashion and make-up tips.

To attend, a group of up to six women should make a reservation a few days in advance, since the restaurant only opens the event to a limited number of people.

“Get a drink or two during happy hour and enjoy your dinner with friends in a fun atmosphere,” senior Maggie Farrell advises. “The portions might not be huge, but they are extremely satisfying.”

Take Farrell’s advice and start a new Wednesday tradition with several girlfriends as you explore Dallas’ food deals without killing your budget.

Standard Pour
2900 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75204

Phone Number: 214-935-1370
Dame’s Dinner: Every Wednesday
Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 4 p.m.-7 p.m.


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