The right to bear arms

Adam Brill, Contributing Writer

Seniors Javier Secaira and Adam Brill discuss the issue of campus carry. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

The American people have a right to own guns. It comes from the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” It did not say that this right is invalid just because people are paranoid that they could be the next one shot by an unstable person.

Recently, Texas has become one of eight states to allow concealed weapons to be carried on college campuses. Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law that permits faculty, staff, students and visitors 21 years or older who have concealed handgun licenses to carry concealed guns on university campuses.

The bill has an opt-out measure in place for those universities that wish to retain their own policies on guns, but banning guns on campus will not make it safer. Still, many people are wondering whether UD should allow concealed handguns to be carried on campus.

I think we should be allowed to carry guns on campus.

Let’s just say there is an attack at UD.

If the person is a visitor, what will alert them to the fact that this particular school is gun-free. Will there be a sign?

People who obtain weapons with the intent of killing innocent people are not going to be stopped just because there is a sign that says it is a gun-free zone. It was hard enough to get people to follow UD’s smoke-free zones.

If the Pope were visiting, would we tell the Swiss Guard that they could not keep their weapons on them to protect the pope? What about Obama, or any public official? All of them get to have weapons near, to stop the chance of a random person attacking.

People who are psychologically unstable do not reflect the standards required of people who have concealed carry licenses. With background checks, psychological evaluations and tests, licensed gun owners know how and why they have their guns. They know the appropriateness of when they should use their guns.

I’m not quoting studies and statistics. They have their purpose in talking about the issue. I just think that we should look with common sense before we hide behind biased numbers and our own fears.


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