Mall à la mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer


Name: Megan McCaffrey
Classification: Junior
Major: Art History

Jacket — Forever 21, Dress and Shoes — Wet Seal, Purse — Target

EK: When you go shopping do you have certain pieces in mind before you go? Or are you inspired by what you see in the stores?
MM: I normally just see things and like them; I’m inspired by what I see. Sometimes I have ideas, but it really just depends.

EK: Do you find that you have to replace [cheaper items] more often? Do you prefer that in order to stay on top of trends?
MM: I think that you can find cheap things. The jean jacket that I was wearing I’ve had since my freshman year in high school. Okay, yes, the elbows are ripped, but I think it adds to the flare!

EK: To whom do you look for fashion inspiration?
MM: I follow a lot of blogs, but I don’t really copy them. I just think about what’s coming in and out, though I don’t necessarily follow it. I just like to know what’s going on … They talk about what’s going on, the runways, street style, the usual.

EK: You wear a lot of neutrals. Is this a new thing?
MM: I definitely added a lot of black to my wardrobe when I came to UD. I’m from the desert, so it’s more open and brown-feeling, so I would wear more brown tones. But when I came here I noticed I started wearing more black and grey, because we’re near a city, maybe.

EK: Do you have anything in mind in terms of what you want to look like in, say, three years?
MM: In the future I want to have that quality over quantity — have a few things that I really like that are nice and I want to look for what’s good for the world and the environment and consider sustainability — that’s the goal. But because I don’t really know what I like yet, I can’t make those kinds of commitments.

EK: Do you feel that as you’ve gotten older you’ve come into your own more in terms of fashion?
MM: Yes, but another thing that you have to think about is that your body is changing. Like getting fatter from Rome. You have to consider, “OK, do I want to stay the same size? Or do I want to be skinnier?” So if you’re going to invest in something you want to make sure you’re going to fit in it for a long time.

EK: [That] is a very real thing.
MM: It’s sad. But one thing that I think you can really invest in is shoes. Your feet don’t really change sizes.

EK: Let’s say you had a bottomless bank account. What would be the top three things you’d go out and buy right now?
MM: A really nice coat, not sure from where. And nice leather boots. I prefer cold-weather clothes and they’re more expensive anyway. And a little black dress that’s tailored perfectly to my body.


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