Volleyball digs deep in tournament

Brian Hula, Contributing Writer

Injured senior Jaime Birzer had to coach from the sidelines during the SCAC postseason tournament. University of Dallas Photo.

The University of Dallas Women’s Volleyball Team concluded their 2015 season with a trip to Georgetown, Texas to compete in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) postseason tournament. Unfortunately, the team was unable to claim a victory at this event, falling first to Texas Lutheran University and then to Austin College.

The Crusaders were swept in both games, which was a disappointing finish to this year’s campaign.

“It wasn’t the greatest way to end the season,” sophomore defensive specialist Diana Hassink said.

Although the team played hard, they sometimes failed to execute all of the fundamentals of the game.

“Something that we have been lacking is passion … the drive to not let another ball hit the floor, or kill [the ball] the first time,” Hassink said.

The Crusaders still felt the loss of senior middle blocker Jaime Birzer, who is recovering from a torn ACL. Even though Birzer wanted to play despite the injury, the team’s staff ultimately decided that the risk of Birzer re-injuring her leg was too high.

“It’s a lot worse to tear something else in your leg,” Hassink said. “There are so many stories about people tearing something else in their knee if they do play on a torn ACL.”

But Birzer was still able to help the team from the sidelines.

“She had to coach from the bench and do her job there … helping people, if she sees a weakness on the court, telling [the players] what’s going on,” Hassink said.

Despite the team’s poor performance at the SCAC postseason tournament, the players feel a sense of optimism about the program’s future. The squad has five juniors who will return for their final season and a strong group of freshman players who show great potential.

“We had a lot of youth on the court,” Hassink said. “It’s good that [the freshmen] got as much experience as they did, because we’ll need them next year.”


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