Registration delayed

Amanda Jesse, Contributing Writer

A student reviews the list of classes offered in spring 2016 in order to determine a schedule. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

The beginning of registration was delayed from Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 because of issues with BannerWeb and the registration PINs.

Confusion about the registration process this semester has left many grateful for the delay, which gives students more time to meet with their advisors and professors, and more time to decide upon degree plans.

The delay came after longtime registrar Jan Burk’s first semester of retirement. Her replacement, Kathy McGraw, began on July 1 after leaving her position as the graduate College of Business registrar.

Director of Business Programs in the College of Business Sheila Howard attributed the problem to the fact that this school year started a week earlier than usual, but the office was still using Burk’s old calendars.

“[McGraw] didn’t know anything about [undergraduate] registration except what she learned from Jan and me,” Howard said.

McGraw hopes to implement changes in the registrar’s office including placing kiosks outside the office, and a lockbox so students can drop off forms when the office is closed. She also hopes to upload hard copies of transcripts online to facilitate the transcript request process.

In the graduate school, students do not need PINs to register. McGraw is hoping to do away with this aspect of the registration process in the undergraduate school as well.

The IT department is involved in making the PINs each semester. Because registration was set to begin a week earlier than usual, there was less time to prepare them.

“With the previous registrar we had it so that [the PINs] went within a certain range of numbers,” IT worker Jeff Conner said. “Kathy wanted a different range, so we had to adjust.”

Conner also said that the new registrar is adjusting well.

“She’s trying to accomplish a lot, but she’s understaffed,” Conner said.

The delay has not been positive for all, however. Many feel thrown off by the change in schedule.

“I think that registration is the beating heart of university life,” Dr. Charles Sullivan of the history department said. “If it delays, that’s not good.”

The delay was received positively by many of those students who were not even aware that it had taken place.

Freshmen Maria Labus and Alyssa Coe were unaware that registration was originally scheduled for last week. Labus received an email from her advisor saying that she needed to set up an appointment. Coe heard through word of mouth that she should email her advisor in order to register.

Juniors Helene Bergez and Leanne Rodriguez were also glad for the delay.

“It kind of snuck up on me this time,” Bergez said. “I feel like there was more warning in the past.”

“I was happy because I hadn’t talked to my advisor yet,” Rodriguez said. “Yeah, it’s frustrating, but it doesn’t bother me as much because I have priority to get into the classes I want as an upperclassman.”

Seniors Kaitlyn Lissner and Carrie Mobus also felt that the delay was a good thing. Because they had not heard much about registration, they were not very prepared for it.

Sophomore Teresa Roach was also unaware that a delay had occurred.

“I haven’t received any emails from the registrar’s office or received much other communication about what day or time I could register,” Roach said. “In both semesters last year I felt like I knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it.”

Because she is going to Rome next semester, the Rome office has been Roach’s only source of information regarding registration.

Roach later found the email informing her of the registration delay in her junk mail folder.

“The new registrar does not lambast everyone with emails like Jan [Burk] did,” Howard said. “She wants to put the responsibility on the students and the advisors.”


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