Untapped: drink up

Codie Barry, Contributing Writer


It’s craft beer season in Dallas. Now you can drink all the pumpkin peach almond coconut wheat ale your little hoppy heart desires. The Untapped Festival of Dallas on Nov. 7 offers the opportunity to sample hundreds of craft beers while listening to major bands and musicians. Dallas bands like Valise and Birds of Night will join music legends like The Flaming Lips, and this year’s festivities will showcase over 100 breweries with over 400 unique craft beers.

Its fourth year in Dallas, Untapped was created to share the “love of high-quality, craft beer and a passion for emerging local and national bands,” according to Matthew Harber, CEO and co-founder of Untapped. Answering the frustration at the lack of good beer at music festivals and the lack of good music at beer festivals, Untapped was launched to create a balance between the two. It was a success.

“What started as a self-serving shindig designed to showcase our personal interests turned out to be something that resonates in a way that is meaningful to us and our supporters,” says Harber on the event website.

Now, Untapped happens annually in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. The festival endures as an opportunity to enjoy high-quality, well-crafted beer and to enjoy both well-known and lesser-known musicians, all of whom play excellent music.

The whole event is about quality over quantity, although there will be plenty to do and taste. This sets Untapped apart from typical music and alcohol events as a festival celebrating the lesser-known, but no less worth knowing, gems of Dallas. The beer celebrated is not your typical swill, but is crafted with devotion and extreme skill. Festival-goers may even see Miley Cyrus on stage, as she and The Flaming Lips are set to tour together. And as we all know, any venue with Miley Cyrus must be hip.

The only drawback of Untapped is the ticket price: general admission is $45.95. You can also purchase the special Tasting Package Max10, which includes a tasting cup and a tasting card good for a dozen two ounce samples, priced at $52.95. Our college pocket funds may cringe at the challenge. However, the caliber of musical performances, the multitude of breweries and the quality of beer makes this event worth the money — after all, it’s less than $10 per band. Really, it’s about the same as the cost of going to Groundhog, but Untapped will have better beer.

Untapped will take place at Fair Park, so you can take the DART right to the gates, which open at 2:30 p.m. There will be food trucks and vendors galore. Although a large part of the focus of Untapped is beer, the event is for all ages, so come ready to eat food and enjoy the music. Bring cash, as only a few vendors accept credit cards.

Make Untapped your autumn Groundhog. Visit untapped-festival.com for tickets and details.


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