Dining Service Advisory Committee discusses upcoming culinary events

Nick Krause, Contributing Writer


The Dining Services Advisory Committee (DSAC) met Nov. 2 to discuss Oktoberfest and the Recharge Your Brain event on Fall Reading Day Oct. 9, and to plan similar events for the months of November and December.

Oktoberfest received slightly negative feedback because most people were unaware that all of the food would be German in honor of Oktoberfest.

Since Oktoberfest occurred on a Friday, people expected more meatless options and were disappointed in the meager vegetarian selection.

The committee alternatively proposed a Halloween-themed event with a possible candy bar and pumpkin-themed food, instead of doing an Oktoberfest-themed day.

Unlike Oktoberfest, the Recharge your Brain event, which offered smoothies and a health food bar, was a unanimous success.

To close out the fall semester, there will be two events in November.

The first will be a “Meet the Dietician” lunch and the second will be a “November Feast of Thanks.”

The “Meet the Dietician” lunch will occur on Nov. 17.

From 11-2 p.m., the campus dietician will be available for a meet-and-greet in Haggar Café where she will also be talking about the different foods served in the cafeteria that day, as well as nutritional tools. She will also demonstrate the Aramark health and wellness app.

On that day there will be a “Happy Menu and a Healthy Menu,” with less healthy food options on one side and better dietary choices on the other.

The November event will occur Nov. 23 from 11-1:30.

This event, the “Feast of Thanks,” will serve as a warm-up for the Thanksgiving meal many students will eat at home, with all the Thanksgiving classics including turkey, brown gravy, mashed potatoes, several kinds of pie and a warm spice drink. Other options may include a mac ‘n’ cheese bar and a large vegetarian casserole.

On Dec. 2, there will be a crepe night where a variety of crepes will be served.

On Dec. 7, professors will serve students the traditional midnight breakfast.

University of Dallas Aramark Director Kyle Wilson then offered his input for the meeting. He said that Aramark would like students to be aware that if there is ever any problem with services in the cafeteria, managers or supervisors should be made aware as soon as possible.

There are multiple ways to do this, preferably by referring to the business cards at the check-in desk where comments are tracked and reviewed by each manager.

There is also a Voice of the Consumer program, which is a short survey with a long comment box for further input.

As soon as these problems arise, they must be communicated to a manager, said Wilson, because they cannot resolve issues that occurred weeks ago.

Concerning food additions, breakfast tacos will be added to the Tuesday menu. Further, while there will be burgers and fries at least once per day, grilled chicken will now be available at every meal.

Wilson also told DSAC that from now on, Aramark employees work harder to prevent the eggs at breakfast from becoming watery as a result of condensation while attempting to keep them cool.

He also said that at all meals, students are given portions based on nutritional value. They can ask for more, though there is a limit per trip through the line.

Finally, beloved supervisor Juan has not been terminated.

He is celebrating his daughter’s quinceañera and will return afterwards.

Aramark requests that students refrain from posting any more napkin notes on the board in the cafeteria demanding his reinstatement, as he is still employed by Aramark.


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