Working out without leaving campus

Elizabeth Mitch, Staff Writer


We all hear about the benefits of working out and consistently resolve to do it more. However, there are barely enough hours in a day for homework, let alone exercise. And with already-stretched wallets, students don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something so practical. With all of these factors pitted against us, it’s no wonder students do not get the exercise they should.

According to Medical Daily, a study at Michigan State University of 4,843 freshmen and sophomores found that student members of the fitness facility had GPAs averaging 0.13 points higher than nonmember students.

“Exercise can increase the number of brain cells in the hippocampus, which is also essential in learning and memory,” Medical Daily explained.

Our campus gym provides ellipticals, weight trainers, stair climbers and other machines to add variety to your exercise routine, whether in serious training or casual exercise. According to senior Eric Hofbauer, a gym employee, many of the machines are multipurpose. One that deserves more use is the Leg Curl Machine.

This is the least popular machine, but can help in exercise.

“It flexes your leg and gets the back of your thighs,” Hofbauer said.

He added that the gym is most full in the evening, so those wanting an empty gym should come in the morning.

If forcing yourself to go to the gym feels like punishment, various options allow you to stay in the comfort of your dorm room and do not even cost a penny.

Two YouTube channels, BeFit and FitnessBlender, provide many new workouts. BeFit includes a series of workouts such as a 90-day challenge and some from famous programs and trainers such as Ballet Beautiful, Denise Austin and Jillian Michaels.

FitnessBlender was created by a married fitness trainer couple, Kelli and Daniel Segars.

“[We felt that] too many people in the industry were [more] focused on appearance than they were on good health,” the website says.

The couple has videos for almost any time length and physical goal, and their website even includes a scheduler that allows you to plan daily workouts.

When lifting or dancing in front of your laptop sounds unappealing, Neila Rey’s website,, has printable workouts based off of famous characters, movies, video games and TV shows to satisfy your inner geek. Each workout is loosely based on movements in the character’s action scenes, including those of Sherlock, Spiderman, Mulan and many others.

Finally, the University of Dallas offers many sports at NCAA, club and intermural levels to keep you active. Play sports like tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, swimming or volleyball, or join a dancing club for Swing, Contra or Irish dance for a cultural and heart-pounding experience. No matter your fitness ability or preference, there are many ways to stay active on campus.


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