Mall à la mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer


Name: Anthony Jewett
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Theology

EK: How would you describe your unique style?
AJ: I wouldn’t say that I have a unique style! I love sweaters, so I pick out a sweater and then I just plan my outfit around that.

EK: Where are your favorite sweaters from?
AJ: I get a lot from Urban Outfitters because I do a lot of online shopping, so Urban Outfitters and sites like Jack Threads and stuff like that.

EK: Are you into any trends right now?
AJ: Well I’m wearing moccasins because I’m Native American. I worked with an Indian tribe this summer at a summer program for kids and they would all wear their moccasins when they did their dances and I thought, “Oh man, they look so comfortable!” So, I was like, “Okay, I’m going to buy them.” And it’s like being barefoot. They’re awesome.

EK: You’re Native American. Does that influence your style in other ways?
AJ: Not really. Native Americans don’t have a sense of style. They just dress however they want. I guess my style is more influenced by outside sources. The thing about my influences is that I’m really into music and bands, so I often will look to musicians that I like and see what they’re wearing and try to copy them. And that will influence how I want to look … So one day I’ll want to dress like I’m in Fleet Foxes, like that Northwestern folk flannel type thing, and then another day I’ll want to dress like I’m from the band Phoenix, you know, like that classic French look.

EK: [Being from El Paso,] how often do you really get to wear sweaters?
AJ: Not often. Well, I always wear button up shirts. I refuse to wear T-shirts. I don’t like T-shirts.

EK: Would you consider a T-shirt a fashion faux pas? Or is that just a personal thing, you’re not big into it?
AJ: I think it has to match your body, your body type … In some cases T-shirts would look good on people, I just don’t think it would look especially good on me. I just think for me it’s kinda lazy sometimes.

EK: Is there anything else that you’re really looking forward to wearing for the fall and winter seasons?
AJ: Well of course cable-knit sweaters. I’ve been sitting on a couple of those since last year so I’m excited about that, but I guess I always wear pants and long-sleeve button-up shirts.

EK: Even during the summer?
AJ: Yeah, so I guess now it’s nice to have other people dress like you. It’s good to stand out, that’s one thing, but I guess it’s also kinda awkward when you’re wearing something completely different than everyone else.

EK: I understand, there’s a balance there. Do you have one particular point that you’d like to share with the UD community on how to dress better?
AJ: You shouldn’t be afraid to dress [up and] stand out. That’s not necessarily dressing nice. You can look kind of sloppy and still look good. It’s just nice sometimes to move away from basketball shorts and T-shirts. But UD is pretty good at that.


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