Volleyball falls to Dallas Christian College in five sets

Brian Hula, Contributing Writer

The Women's Volleyball team struggled to overcome defensive errors and the loss of injured players in their game against Dallas Christian College. University of Dallas Photo.

The University of Dallas’ Volleyball team fell to Dallas Christian College 2-3 on Saturday. The Crusaders have recently been hampered by a number of injuries.

This factor, and a sense of overconfidence coming into the game, contributed in large part to the loss.

“We didn’t give that team [the] respect that they deserved … a lot of people came in and thought that there would be no problem, and that was not the case,” said sophomore outside hitter/defensive specialist Mary Scholz.

The Crusaders did not begin the game well, and committed many mistakes in the first set.

“We had a lot of defensive errors.” said Scholz. “We didn’t get to the ball, we didn’t pass well enough throughout the entire game.”

Even though Dallas Christian won the first and third sets, the Crusaders did take the second and fourth sets in order to force a decisive fifth set, which the UD women ultimately dropped.

“We pushed through the fourth set and we had an adrenaline rush. It went fairly well up until about 7-3 [Crusaders ahead],” said Scholz. “We switched sides [halfway through the set] and then we lost all of our momentum.”

The Dallas women played without senior middle blocker Jamie Birzer, who had torn her ACL. The team is particularly hampered by Birzer’s absence because of her experience as a middle blocker.

“We have a lot of players, but we don’t have people who know that position well enough to just step in on a spur of the moment thing,” said Scholz.

The team is grooming several freshmen to fill Birzer’s position. Although it is difficult to replace such an experienced athlete, the new players are determined to perform well.

“That is a process,” said Scholz. “Especially for a freshman, it’s hard [for them] to get their minds in the game, to really focus, but they’ve been doing as good of a job as they really can. They’ve been working really hard.”


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