UD’s largest Open Studio

Monica Kaufman, Contributing Writer

Art majors' personal studios will be open to visitors. Their completed works will be displayed in the Upper Gallery. Photo by Kaity Chaikowsky.

For the third semester in a row, the studios and galleries nestled in the wooded Haggerty Art Village are preparing to open their doors to the public, including both the university and the greater Dallas area, for Open Studio Night. For anyone who has ever seen an exhibition, whether at the University of Dallas or elsewhere, and wished to see how the final work was created, Open Studio Night is the perfect opportunity. Not only will visitors have the chance to see artwork by all the upper-level undergraduate and graduate artists in the Upper Gallery, but they will also see the artists’ own studios, surrounded by inspirations, works in progress and the artists themselves. While the artists and faculty of the art department always welcome visitors to exhibitions and events, Open Studio Night provides a unique opportunity for the UD and Dallas communities to interact with the artists on a more personal level.

“We will be giving an opportunity to the rest of the university, to the student body, to come and enter our studios, and look at how we work and look at the places we work and what we’re doing — where everything happens,” senior painting major Dario Bucheli said.

With the possible exception of the Art History Auditorium, the Art Village is not usually visited by a vast number of UD students for events such as lectures or meetings, nor does it host many classes outside of studio courses, meaning that many students are unfamiliar with that part of campus and all that happens within it. Open Studio Night allows anyone who has never set foot in the Art Village and anyone who has ever gotten lost there to venture bravely into the woods and enjoy the artwork being made by UD students. And fear not — there will be maps. Aside from learning the Art Village’s geography, visitors can spend the evening enjoying food and drinks, viewing the exhibition, and wandering through the studios while completing a scavenger hunt. Those who finish the scavenger hunt will be entered into a raffle at the end of the evening, with the opportunity to win prizes hand-crafted by UD grad students, including scarves, soaps, ceramic mugs and prints, according to graduate student Josh Monroe.

Although the event is organized and run by the graduate students of the art department, this semester’s Open Studio Night will have a greater emphasis on undergraduate students than past semesters, Monroe said. Undergraduate upper-level art majors will have a greater role in installing the Open Studio Exhibition as a way to further familiarize them with the exhibition installation process as they prepare for senior exhibitions.

Graduate student, Thomas Menikos, explained the event’s importance to prospective students as well. Students studying in art-related fields at junior colleges in the Dallas area have been invited to attend, in hopes that they might pursue Bachelor’s degrees in art at UD. Menikos emphasized the importance of Open Studio Night taking place during Odyssey Days, making it a great event for any prospective students visiting campus to learn more about attending UD, the art department programs or just to enjoy art and win hand-made mugs.

In addition to any prospective and current students, all UD faculty, Dallas area educators, gallery owners and the general public are invited to explore the Art Village during Open Studio Night on Oct. 23, from 6 to 9 p.m. This will be a valuable event for both the artists and the visitors, with the hope that the door remains open between the Art Village and the rest of the UD community to foster a greater conversation between the two.


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