Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop

Lucy Bennett, Contributing Writer


60,000 screaming fans gathered together in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Saturday Oct. 17 to see the world’s biggest pop star. Taylor Swift paused after her first song to look at the enormous crowd and sincerely looked surprised.

“You guys are so next level,” said Swift with a wide smile.

Swift indulged the listeners with hits off her debut pop album “1989,” 18 tracks full of dubstep drops, full sound and dramatic lyrics.

Swift matched her album sounds to a concert that would appeal to her millions of fans in one full-blast experience.

The concert began with two opening acts – Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy – both of whom wore simple attire and stood in the middle of the stage singing soulfully while strumming their acoustic guitars, juxtaposing Swift’s extravagant act.

When Swift entered, singing “Welcome to New York,” the entire crowd went wild, and Swift asked us to take a journey through her album with her. Swift mastered the crowd, keeping the energy high throughout the show.

While other artists’ concerts tend to be more instrument-focused, Swift concentrated on performing and capturing the audience. She conveyed the emotions she may have felt in experiencing the moments described in her songs, making it more similar to watching a musical than seeing a concert.

Each of her songs tells a story, so Swift changed the scenery around the stage and had an outfit change for each song, and her impressive back-up dancers took it all to another level. Swift even gave everyone a bracelet that lit up with the music, changing colors to match the feelings represented throughout the songs.

Swift performed the entire “1989” album, along with a few songs from her 2012 album “Red,” and two from her 2008 album, “Fearless,” during which she elevated the catwalk and sang above the crowd, strumming her guitar while sentimentally singing her song “Fifteen” and a remix of her hit “Love Story.”

Swift would occasionally pause between songs to tell us how grateful she was that we all gathered with her and the importance of remaining happy together in this moment, or in any moment, that life brings us.

“Enjoy it,” she yelled out to the audience.

She captured the audience and even brought out special guest and worldwide pop sensation Ellie Goulding to sing “Love Me Like You Do” as a thank-you to the audience for attending her show.

Senior Keelin Des Rosiers and I were more than impressed with the experience.

“The experience of 60,000 fans cheering on one girl was a lot of fun,” said Des Rosiers. “She may not be curing cancer, but she reaches people where they need her in their lives. That was clear from the vibrating cheers in the stadium.”

The Taylor Swift “1989” concert was unlike any I have ever attended as she engaged thousands of people in her musical world, leaving each of the fans happy and entertained by the queen of pop.


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