Smallcakes cupcakery

Elizabeth Mitch, Staff Writer

Smallcakes, a cupcake shop located at Mockingbird Station, provides delicious cupcakes and quality customer service. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

The eclectic Mockingbird Station is 13 stops from the University of Dallas Station on the DART’s Orange Line. Within the station there is an array of shops, including a skateboard shop, a unique film center, many clothing stores, and Trinity Hall Irish Pub, which features live music, low-key poker games and screenings of soccer and rugby.

The station itself offers lots of public events throughout the year. Every Thursday in October, the station is holding free outdoor viewings of Alfred Hitchcock movies. On Oct. 25, there is also a fashion event at the Movida clothing store featuring a visit from the lifestyle blogger Meghan Jones.

Amidst all the events and various stores lies a sweet little shop called Smallcakes: a Cupcakery. Once you pull open the front doors by their cupcake-shaped handles, your nose instantly fills with the sweet smell of baking cakes. Classic sweet songs from bygone days fill your ears, and legends like Judy Garland create an atmosphere of nostalgic whimsy.

Trays of cupcakes line the pink and brown walls, awaiting hungry customers. From basic flavors like German Chocolate and Pink Vanilla to feature flavors like Maple Bacon and Blueberry Pancake, there is something special for everyone, including sugar-free and gluten-free options. Once you manage to choose a flavor, the baker packs your cupcake into a bright pink box and hands it to you with a big smile.

The smile reveals the dedication to customers of baker and owner, Latricia Green.

According to their website, Smallcakes is a franchise with stores that have been producing smiles all across the United States, sporting the slogan, “Maybe a cupcake will help?” However, the Mockingbird Station Smallcakes is more than just a bakery within a chain.

Green distinguishes her particular bakery through excellent customer service. Taking her cue from the example of Walt Disney, Green is dedicated to making her guests feel like royalty. She is there every day except Sunday, always ready to make your day special.

In regard to competition, Green believes that her cupcakes speak for themselves. According to one customer, the variety of flavors and the moist texture are what set Smallcakes apart. The shop even has a special flavor of the day, posted daily on the store’s Facebook page. Past flavors have included Chocolate Merlot, Caramel Popcorn, Peanut Butter Brownie, Key Lime and Infamous Pumpkin.

“I love [the] tasty cupcakes and I love supporting local business owners, so this is a win win for me (sic),” said one Yelp reviewer.

Consider supporting these local businesses and restaurants, and if you are yearning for something to sweeten your day, frighten your night or satisfy your fashion sense, visiting Mockingbird Station this October might be just the adventure you need.


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