Mall à la mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer and Photo Editor


Name: Emma Slowey
Classification: Junior
Major: English

EK: How would you describe your own look?
ES: My own look? I’m a pretty tactile person so I … enjoy textures in clothes. I also really like things that are feminine, flowy. I like long shirts that have a lot of material and fabric.

EK: Where do you look for fashion inspiration?
ES: I like to look on blogs … There’s one named Courtney Adamio, she’s a British fashion blogger. I love her style because it’s very natural and textural – the things I like. But also I think UD has good style.

EK: Do you have any people who you consistently look to for fashion inspiration on campus?
ES: I don’t know… I think Dr. Hanssen has good style! She’s very classy and put together… Sometimes … girls here dress up … here than on other college campuses and that’s nice, I think. I mean because then you don’t feel bad wearing a pencil skirt to class if you feel like dressing up.

EK: So you’ve listed some things that you really admire about UD fashion. Do you have any pet peeves?
ES: I’d say maybe … an oversized T-shirt and Nike shorts [and] Chacos. It’s comfortable, I guess, but not very versatile and it’s not very fun! I think you should dress up every once and (sic) awhile!

EK: And do you have any trends that you’re really liking right now, with the autumn season finally here? Is there anything that you can’t wait to go buy?
ES: Lipstick! You know, that kind of oxblood color. You need to find the right one for your skin tone. I just love that color, any sort of maroon or jewel tone.

EK: Would you consider yourself to be a very colorful dresser?
ES: Yes. I could never do the all-black New York look.

EK: Okay! If you had to describe your style with a city, like “I dress like people from there” what city would you be? Or who would you like to dress like?
ES: Who would I like to dress like? The French, I think. Because I was in Rome this past semester and my hair was long … I noticed … a lot of the women had these really cute [bobs]. Not super short, but a short bob. So, I went into a random salon in Paris and got my hair chopped off! Yeah, I didn’t speak any French and she didn’t speak any English, so I was just showing her pictures on my phone. And I was so scared but it turned out good (sic). I like that they wear a lot of midi skirts … while I was there I saw a lot of stripes. [It was] very feminine but fun.

EK: Final question: Do you have any fashion advice for the reader?
ES: Have fun with your outfits! Have fun and wear what you [want]… If you want to dress up, dress up! And if you want to go casual, go casual!


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