Chinese without leaving the couch: Gold Dragon

Christina Deal, Staff Writer

Gold Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Irving offers effortless doorstep delivery but less than satisfying food. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Kerin.

With midterms looming before us, finding a good delivery option other than Jimmy John’s seemed necessary. I chose Gold Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Irving. While the delivery proved convenient, the food quality suffered, and I was not able to properly assess the restaurant’s presentation and atmosphere.

In order to find a Chinese restaurant that delivered, I started searching on Yelp. Only a handful of restaurants were within the delivery radius. I settled on the Gold Dragon even though it only received three stars from Yelp. The Gold Dragon delivers within a seven-mile radius of its restaurant. I ordered around 6:45 p.m., and they said it would take 45 minutes.

To request delivery, you can either call or order online. I decided to call. Their convenient numbering of menu items makes the ordering process smooth. They offer a wide variety of dishes with typical Chinese meats and noodles.

I ordered spring rolls, crabmeat cheese wontons, chicken Lo Mein, and sweet and sour pork. The menu items were generally under $10. Typical of delivery service, you can either pay with cash at the door or credit card over the phone.

The food came within the expected time frame. They found my apartment without any trouble, which is an accomplishment in the maze of Tower Village Apartments. The food arrived warm in a paper bag filled with an assortment of napkins, utensils and soy sauce.

Though the delivery experience proved effortless, the food did not satisfy. The spring rolls were typical, but overly fried to the point of tasting like oil. The crab wontons tasted alright, but they were filled sparsely and, like the spring rolls, were overcooked. The chicken Lo Mein, usually my favorite dish, lacked any flavor other than the soy sauce I added. Finally, the sweet and sour pork tasted dry without the sweet and sour sauce. They included brown rice with the pork, which cut down on the flavor of the meal. Overall, the food was filling but tasteless.

While it might seem hard to mess up Chinese-American food, Gold Dragon definitely ranked subpar. I will probably not order from this restaurant again. However, senior Beka Hale offered another opinion.

“If you are not a huge Chinese fan, you would enjoy it,” Hale said. “I am not picky when it comes to Chinese food so I really liked it.”

After this experience, I realized that good take-out often comes from friends’ recommendations or trial and error at your own risk. Needless to say, I will be trying a different Chinese take-out restaurant in the future.

Gold Dragon Chinese Restaurant
1500 W Pioneer Drive Irving, TX 75061
(972) 253-9030


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