Charity Week 2015: a united success

Faith Oakes, Contributing Writer


A veteran-centered, America-celebrating Charity Week concluded with success through the work of the junior class.

The two charities supported during the week of Sept. 28 – Oct. 3 were Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. and Homeless Veterans Service of Dallas. Totals for money raised throughout the week will be announced in mid-October.

Charity Week co-chairs Rachel Parkey and Katie Spellmeyer, both of the class of 2017, spoke about the comments they have received regarding the week’s events.

“There’s been a ton of positive feedback about the week in general,” Spellmeyer said. “People seemed to really enjoy the events.”

“We have been blessed to receive quite a few compliments on the success of the week from students, faculty, and staff alike commenting on both the success and excitement of the week,” Parkey said. “I love hearing that people had fun with it all.”

“Being involved in the planning of the events made it exciting to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition,” Spellmeyer said.

Parkey added that campus-wide involvement was key to the success of Charity Week.

“It was a busy week, to say the least, but it was extremely enjoyable,” Parkey said. “Getting to be at all of the events and see students and faculty alike get involved was one of the best parts. It couldn’t have been half of what it was without people getting involved.”

Spellmeyer said she enjoyed the Friday night social in Braniff Foyer. Students gathered from 10 p.m. until midnight with a 1940s-focused “The War is Over” theme.

“The social on Friday night completely blew me away,” Parkey said. “It was wildly and unprecedentedly successful and everyone who came seemed to have had an outstanding time.”

The Charity Week staples of Male Auction, held Saturday night in Lynch Auditorium, and the jail both raised significant amounts of money, but Parkey said she also enjoyed AirBand and Charity Week Quiz Bowl.

She also said the film viewing in Lynch on Sept. 29 drew attention to the veteran-focused theme of Charity Week.

“The Movie Night, for the purpose of awareness of important issues that affect our veterans, was quite successful,” Parkey said. “Dr. [Robert] Kugelmann [of the Psychology department] had a fantastic introduction on PTSD before we dove into the film.”

Parkey and Spellmeyer were even enthusiastic about problems they faced throughout the week.

“Our coordinators did a fantastic job of making the week run smoothly,” Parkey said. “The hiccups were minimal, thank goodness, and that goes to show how well prepared they were to do their part in making this week a success.”

Spellmeyer and Parkey offered their advice for future Charity Week co-chairs.

“I would say the biggest thing to work to change would be an even bigger turn out for different events,” Spellmeyer said.

“My only regret is that more students did not attend many of the events,” Parkey said. “Everyone who came really enjoyed themselves and I know they would have as well.”


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