Women’s soccer

Joe Haretty, Contributing Writer


This past weekend was not necessarily kind to the University of Dallas women’s soccer team after two tough losses to Trinity University on Friday and Schreiner University on Sunday. They were shut out in the match on Friday afternoon despite a very strong effort. The Crusaders kept pace with the then No. 5 nationally-ranked women’s soccer team in the first half, allowing just nine shots on goal and one goal. After the weekend’s matches, Trinity’s ranking was moved up to the No. 3 national spot.

Freshman midfielder Kathryn Zepeda reflected on the game as a whole. “We were able to keep them to the outside and held them to very difficult shots,” Zepeda said. “But then again, they put a lot of shots on net.”

Two goals in the second half for Trinity sealed the deal. Dallas was able to possess the ball plenty, yet lacked penetration through the back end of Trinity’s defense, and finished with a measly two shots on goal in 90+ minutes.

Coming off of Friday’s difficult matchup against Trinity, the Crusaders struggled to make adjustments in their Sunday afternoon game against Schreiner. The biggest positive was that they were, once again, in possession of the ball for a healthy portion of the match. Yet despite this bright spot, they were doubled up on shots (4-10) and let in four goals. Zepeda was once again available after the game and offered her thoughts.

“Hopefully we pick it up by next game,” Zepeda said. “Yeah we had good possession all game but we were just off, tactically. Effort was definitely there. Nico’s [senior defender Nicolette Perez] goal was beautiful, shot with a lot of power. We were able to connect on lots of passes but weren’t able to produce many shots.”

The team is now 1-7, with an 0-2 record against SCAC opponents. They have attempted 56 shots in eight games as of Sunday – which averages to seven shots per game — while simultaneously allowing 173 shots on the defensive end. The problems seem to revolve around ill-timed turnovers and erratic defensive positioning.

Luckily, it is still early in the season; the team has time to improve and string together some victories in an attempt to climb back up the conference standings. But that will have to include some victories on UD’s home turf, a feat which the team has yet to accomplish. Their next chance to do so will not come until Oct. 2nd, so until then, the Crusaders will have to focus their efforts on the road.


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