Mall à la mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer


Name: Bridget Safranek
Classification: Junior
Major: Philosophy, Pre-med

EK: How would you describe your style?
BS: I try to go for a classic look in the things that I wear. I like timeless pieces and I like to mix it up and borrow things from other people. Mainly I aim toward something that’s classic. Being at [the University of Dallas] is so great because people have different looks at the time. So one day you can do boho, and another day you can do something super preppy. So it really allows your to experiment with your style, especially if you have friends who let you borrow their clothes, which is fun.

EK: Over your time here, have [you] noticed your look evolve because you’ve had the opportunity to experiment?
BS: Yes, I was homeschooled all the way through high school, so I literally wore my pajamas to school everyday and didn’t have the opportunity to dress up for things as often as you do here (sic). So when I came where I started dressing up for class more and it evolved… And then I started experimenting with my style after that. UD gave me the opportunity for my style evolution.

EK: What direction do you see your style going in? Do you see any looks that you really admire and would like to emanate?
BS: My mom has a very classic style and I see a lot of women [who] have great style. I see a lot of women who are impeccably dressed, like Dr. Hanssen. She’s like the Kate Middleton of UD. She looks like her too! I think there’s a lot of people around UD, it’s really fun … I don’t know, I see UD as a living Pinterest, where you can see looks and imitate them in your own way. If you see someone style a top a certain way or see a pair of pants … I get a lot of inspiration from my fellow students and my friends.

EK: Do you have a fashion icon on campus? You’ve mentioned Dr. Hanssen, of course.
BS: I can’t think of one person, but I have several friends who rock different styles. Some people — one of them maybe is very preppy, another is chic … So I like to take things from each of them. One thing that I think that is important about fashion is presentation. I think a lot of people dress well here but they don’t necessarily carry themselves well, so you don’t notice what they’re wearing. So I think if you carry yourself well and you stand well — you’ll turn heads no matter what you’re wearing and that’s a great addition to any outfit. I was always very tall and I was always embarrassed about that when I was little and you just have to own whatever your body type is.


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