Impressive tennis debut

Sarah Tafolla, Contributing Writer


Love means nothing to a tennis player — in scoring, that is. Love, the term used for a score of zero in a tennis match, luckily did not show up on the scoreboards for the University of Dallas Tennis team, but the sentiment was evident in their passion for the game.

The UD tennis team competed this past Saturday in a United States Tennis Association “Tennis on Campus” tournament hosted by Southern Methodist University (SMU). There, the newly established tennis team debuted in a competition against 40 teams. Amid the cheering of some dedicated Crusader fans, the team faced down much larger universities, including University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Austin and Baylor University, with a sound victory over Baylor.

Team captain JP Bremar shared his thoughts on the day.

“I am proud of how well our team played at our first tournament, and how well we came together against much larger schools,” said Bremar.

UD’s victories were especially impressive considering their very recent formation as a club. Starting a tennis team has been a longtime goal for the members, especially Bremar, since they first came to UD. After the club’s only tennis match last spring semester was rained out, the team’s members were very eager to finally compete. While many of them were unused to playing doubles with their new teammates, they nevertheless worked to form a cohesive force on the courts, happily surprising onlookers.

“[Senior] Nick McCabe and [senior] Mary Purk were the wild cards this tournament and played really well,” said Bremar.

Especially impressive about McCabe and Purk’s performance was the way in which the two defeated Baylor in mixed doubles without having ever before played together. Similarly, the rest of the team exceeded expectations in their matches, playing through varying weather and remaining dedicated and focused throughout the long hours of the tournament. The players ended the tournament exhausted but happy, determined to learn from their experience and take their game to the next level in the weeks to come.

Indeed, the future looks bright for the team, with prospective matches against SMU and other local university teams. The players are dedicated to practicing and competing year-round and gearing up for sectionals in the spring semester. They encourage everyone to come out to a match, to see just how much the UD tennis team truly loves what it does.


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