Rome campus to participate in Charity Week

Faith Oakes, Contributing Writer

Teresa Blackman, Beka Hale and Mary Rose Purk (Fall 2013) pose at a dinner on the Rome campus. Romers will have the opportunity to win dinners with professors to raise money for Charity Week. Photo by Elizabeth Kerin.

This year marks the first time the University of Dallas Rome campus will participate in Charity Week.

Charity Week adviser, Catherine Duplant, said that Dr. Peter Hatlie, director of the Rome Program in Rome, approached her over the summer with the idea that Rome should unite with Irving for this effort.

The Rome campus will only have one event on the evening of Oct. 14, as the students will be in Greece during Irving’s Charity Week, according to an email from Dr. Hatlie, who called the Rome campus’s celebration “Charity Week tame.”

“Faculty and staff members will open their houses and apartments to students for dinner,” Duplant said.

By contributing 10 euros, students will enter a lottery to wine and dine with the professor or staff member of their choice.

The dinner event was the brainchild of associate professor of English, Dr. Andrew Moran, who is currently in Rome teaching Lit Trad III and Tragedy and Comedy classes.

“I did suggest to Dr. Hatlie this summer that the faculty and staff host dinners so that the Rome Campus can contribute to Charity Week, one of the best traditions at UD,” Dr. Moran said in an email response. “It struck me that dinners could be a quick way to raise money, and I know from ones that I hosted in Irving that they’re a lot of fun. It’s a treat to sit down to a slow, multi-course meal and hear students tell stories over a glass of wine.”

Ivanna Bond, current Rome assistant, expressed her excitement for the Rome Charity Week celebration.

“It’s great that we’ve found another way to strengthen the tie between Irving and Rome, and to emphasize that charity extends beyond Irving and certainly doesn’t stop with study abroad,” Bond said in an email. “It can be hard for students here in Rome to find ways to involve themselves with community service, so any opportunity to encourage them to such endeavors is very welcome.”

Duplant mentioned that she hopes this tradition will continue on into the future.

Dr. Hatlie added that although Rome’s Charity Week will perhaps be both shorter and safer than the Irving version, perhaps next year such traditions as the jail and KAOS will cross the pond as well.

“We’re all very excited to bring one of UD’s proudest traditions to the Rome campus,” Bond said. “I hope our students here in Rome are generous so the event is successful, and that participation this year establishes a norm of giving that can continue for years to come.”

Duplant said that the goal is for Rome to contribute $600 to $700.

Last year’s Charity Week’s record-breaking success of $24,635.52 set a high standard, but current Charity Week co-chairs juniors, Rachel Parkey and Katie Spellmeyer, are set to meet that goal and even surpass it, especially with contributions from the Rome campus.


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