Low attendance at Rangers games despite their exciting playoff run

Jack Grubner, Contributing Writer

The Rangers are gaining momentum as they approach playoff season, but baseball fans are not showing their support. Photo courtesy of Red3biggs, Flickr.

Two years ago, when current Texas Ranger, Josh Hamilton, left for Los Angeles in free agency, he stated that in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, “there are true baseball fans, but it’s not a true baseball town.” Those words stung at the time, but Hamilton’s remark still holds significance. Despite being in the middle of a heated playoff race in September, attendance at Globe Life Park for the Rangers games has continued to be consistently low.

During the month of August, the Rangers went on an unprecedented run, winning 13 of 17 home games and vaulting themselves into a playoff spot. Yet despite their best efforts, the team finished 22nd in attendance for the month out of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball — especially surprising considering that DFW ranks as the 5th largest metropolitan city, according to the U.S. census. The Rangers’ attendance lagged behind teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds, who both play in much smaller markets and support teams with virtually no chance at post-season play.

Hamilton’s remark from two years ago, however unpopular it may have been, remains visibly accurate. The Rangers will always play second fiddle to the Cowboys in terms of popularity in DFW. The Cowboys on Sunday night drew the most fans in the NFL, reporting over 93,000 in attendance at 117 percent capacity.

But this factor alone should not account for the lack of attendance and awareness about the team. On a Saturday night game in late August, against the Baltimore Orioles, Globe Life Park only managed to attract 29,768 fans, accounting for a measly 59 percent capacity crowd during what should be one of the highest attended games of the year. T

he Rangers’ public address announcer, Chuck Morgan, voiced his concern with attendance on his Facebook page.

“This is one of those tough years to figure out, especially this last Friday and Saturday … this time of year, it’s school, it’s hot, Cowboys are cranking up, we had some big high school football games over the weekend … And then you factor in last year’s performance, a lot of fans are still a little skeptical,” Morgan wrote.

Baseball fans in the Metroplex should take advantage of the opportunity to watch their team in the middle of an incredible playoff race. The Rangers have turned their season around with a 26-15 record since the trade deadline. Starting pitcher Cole Hamels has been strong since coming over from the Phillies, while Derek Holland has helped to strengthen the rotation since his return from his shoulder injury. Meanwhile, Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus, Shin Soo Choo, Delino Deshields and Rougned Odor have been hot at the plate. A crucial series takes place this week against the division-leading Houston Astros, who only have a game and a half lead over the Rangers. With tickets priced under $10 and the stadium only a 15 minute drive from


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