Poor man’s Dallas: Four Corners Brewery

Codie Barry, Contributing Writer

Four Corners Brewery, located across the Trinity River, brews several kinds of beer including three local favorites: "Block Party," "El Chingon" and "Local Buzz." Photo courtesy of fcbrewery.com.

Five years ago, there were no breweries in Dallas. The city’s strict codes and laws on alcohol (enacted during the Prohibition Era), made it almost impossible for craft beer to exist in Dallas. The trend of craft breweries did not begin until the early 2000s, but with the lessening of alcohol regulations in Texas, especially in Dallas, the city became a hotspot for beer, with dozens of breweries opening in the past decade. And there are some really, really good breweries in Dallas.

One of these is Four Corners Brewery, located across the Trinity River in Trinity Groves. Four Corners began with three friends, George Esquivel, Steve Porcari and Greg Leftwich, who brewed beer in their garage. Four Corners was established in 2012, and is still run out of an old truck repair shop; they never stopped brewing from a garage. The brewery takes pride in the Hispanic neighborhood it calls home, with the designs for their labels and décor modeled after Mexican bingo cards and beer names like “El Super Bee,” “El Chingon” and “La Bajada.”

“We take inspiration from what we see in our neighborhoods. And there’s a lot happening on our side of town,” says the website. “We have community gardens, colorful tire shops, elote carts at the hardware store, celebrations on the front yard, taquerias, etc. The older neighborhoods are always full of activity and creative people and businesses who aren’t shy about expressing themselves. So, it’s always cool to check out what’s going-on ‘down on the corner.’”

The desire to remain a neighborhood bar and brewery is evident in the rustic décor and three dollar draft beers, ranging from absolutely perfect I.P.A.s to dark porters. You can also try a sampler, which gives you a taste of four of their brews for about $10.

Best of all, there are free tours (including samples) on Saturdays at 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m., if you make reservations online. Make your reservation quickly; spots fill up. If you are planning to go on a Saturday, a reservation more than a week before may be necessary. The tour ends in their All Day Alehouse, where free samples are served to those over 21. The brewery and bar are open to all ages, and it is a great spot regardless of your eligibility to consume alcohol. Though no food is served there, great restaurants surround the brewery, or you can bring your own food.

For private consumption, the brews can be found at Whole Foods, Goody Goody Liquor and Spec’s.

Trinity Groves is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, with trendy restaurants and art galleries. Across the bridge is now the place to be. Four Corners is a neighborhood brewery that continues to provide the community with great-tasting beer without priving the drinks as elite commodities. It is evident that beer is brewed here with genuine love of craft and community.


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