Mall à la mode

Elizabeth Kerin, Staff Writer and Photo Editor


Name: Andrew Narduzzi
Classification: Senior
Major: History

EK: Would you consider yourself to have an interest in fashion? When did you first start taking an interest in fashion?
AN: Oh, absolutely. Definitely in high school because we had a dress code, but it allowed for some freedom, so we [had] the school-issued sports jacket, but we could wear any khaki/slacks, button-down, tie combination. We had to wear a tie. I really hated it at first because we had to be creative and dress ourselves, but for most of us students, especially because we were at an all-boys school and we would try to one-up each other, that trained me I think — what colors work together, what doesn’t work.

EK: Where in the men’s wardrobe do you think there’s room for expression? Are there certain pieces that you consider your opportunity to have fun?
AN: I love shorts and expressing myself through different colors and patterns and things like that. Even Rome helped with this a lot. The variety of a shirt that you can wear: a button-down, a polo or a short-sleeved button-down, that was the first time that I was introduced to different fabrics. Before that I was just wearing cotton.

EK: So, do you have a recently discovered favorite fabric?
AN: Especially for the Texas heat, linen is quite handy.

EK: Do you have anyone you look to for fashion inspiration?
AN: James Bond. My dad, definitely, actually. One thing, as a kid, [my brother] Will and I, we would help my dad pick his tie out for the next day, because he wears a suit almost everyday. He would put out the options and we would tell him which we liked. So my dad is an inspiration, I guess.

EK: Is there anything you see here, the way that guys dress at UD that you can’t stand?
AN: Canvas belts. I hate canvas belts more than anything in the world. This is just a personal pet peeve but I hate black shirts, t-shirts are fine but black dress shirts, I can’t stand them. If it’s for a job, I can understand … And you know those turquoise blue ties, I can’t … Things that you know were bought together like the shirt/tie package. I don’t think that it allows for taking fashion into your own hands or dressing yourself.

EK: Do you have any fashion advice for the reader?
AN: I think that if it fits you, it’ll look fine. It could be nice, but if it doesn’t fit you … I know that it sounds really simple, but wear things that fit you.


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